Responding to Rutenberg

ID #103 I've recently discovered an artist whose work and words I'm eating up these days.  To say that his paintings are delicious would be correct...the color, movement, and draw-you-in composings on canvas are breathtaking.  His words are equally inspiring. Brian Rutenberg lives and works in New York City.  His work is about as far … Continue reading Responding to Rutenberg

Origami Craze!!

I was recently loaned the video titled Between the Folds, A PBS Independent Lens movie.  I fell in love...again. When I was a child I had several origami books (which I wish I could find!) and spent hours folding and folding and trying to figure out the diagrams for creating all kinds of animals, boxes, … Continue reading Origami Craze!!

A “Reportage” of My Own

  I have long admired the reportage (pronounced re-por-TAJ [french]) illustrators of Studio 1482! I love the whole concept behind drawings made at an event to "report" on the happenings there.  This video is a MUST SEE about my favorite reportage artist, Veronica Lawlor.     I do consider what I'm doing in most, if … Continue reading A “Reportage” of My Own

A la Lucy

There are certain folks whom I think are pros at recognizing and recording the unexpected and unforecasted lovelies in life.  In the drawing world, Danny Gregory is one of my favorites who continues, through his books, to inspire me to chronicle the little things of my world in images.  Alicia Paulson of Posie Gets Cozy … Continue reading A la Lucy

A Different Approach…

...or two.  I tell ya, I honestly feel crazy sometimes when I think about how I would like to draw or paint something.  Pastels? Pens? Watercolor? Crayons? Charcoal? My mind races around the many materials at hand and often I end up doing multiple versions.  This is charcoal and pastel from the same photo of … Continue reading A Different Approach…

“Guided Chaos”

I am inspired by some drawings I've found through the Urban Sketchers site, particularly those of Veronica Lawlor. I enthusiastically commented on one of her recent postings, asked her a few questions, to which she graciously responded. She calls her drawings, "guided chaos". Check here: for the full explanation. I love this thought of … Continue reading “Guided Chaos”


Sometimes life throws us curve balls. Recent unexpected surgery has grounded me and even tossed the proverbial artistic salad. There's something about a forced break from whatever trend or rut one might be in (though it never felt like a rut!), but allows you to think, explore, try new things and find unexpected joys in … Continue reading Life…unexpected.

Marvelous Milton

Before I go on and on about another favorite artist of mine, take note of the updates in the Classes section of my website--especially the upcoming art & wine festival here in downtown Kernersville! On Friday, June 5th from 5-8 pm, Arts D'Vine will be happening on Main Street. Come enjoy an evening of wine … Continue reading Marvelous Milton

Celebrate the Mundane

Soon after my "ish" awakening, an artist friend told me of a book that was really helping her to recapture her love of drawing just for the sake of drawing.  She recommended I read The Creative License by Danny Gregory.  It opened whole new worlds of subject matter for drawings!!  One of the creative "blocks" … Continue reading Celebrate the Mundane

Ishful Art

Continuing in the line of favorite artists who have inspired me...Peter Reynolds, an artist and writer of several "children's" books and whose blog is called The Stellar Cafe.  (If I was really tech-savvy I would make this a link for you, but alas, all I know how to do is place it in the blogroll … Continue reading Ishful Art