Winter Drawing Spot


For the last few weeks, as the cold weather has set in, we’ve been drawing downtown INDOORS at Eclection. Debbie, my drawing friend, and I enjoyed this spot all last winter. We’ve been delighted by the new addition to their space.  The front area has been transformed into a lounge area for all the wine tastings they have. This wall is an amazing feast to the eyes! Old doors, shutters, windows and frames have somehow been tacked up on the entire wall area.


Little shelves here and there hold various items for sale from the artisan booths that pack the inside part of the store. As I sat and drew this wall, the cute red tea kettle lamp kept speaking to me. Had I just walked in and then out of the shop, I could’ve resisted it’s “Buy me” whispers, but sitting there drawing every line and curve, the voice got louder yet sweeter–“I’m supposed to be yours,” “Won’t I be perfect in your light blue kitchen?,” etc. Chris, the owner of Eclection, pointed out that it has three light settings as you touch the kettle…very cool! And so, the red tea kettle lamp came home with me and seems ever so happy to be atop the cabinets in my kitchen. I’ll draw it for you soon!

We didn’t draw yesterday, of course. Our family put up our Christmas tree and all the decorations. Now the lights outside need tending to! So much fun! We also watched one of my favorite movies, Holiday Inn. I’d love to live in that house!! Too bad it’s probably only a film set.

I hope you all are enjoying time with family, a few days off from work, and maybe some extra creative time!

Painting & Poem


Can I attempt to entice you once again to come out for my Art Show this Saturday? From 4-6 pm at Southwinds Gallery here in Kernersville, you’ll see this painting and many more of my town. I’ll also be signing books, both Genevieve and the Kite and Letters to an Artist.  I am walking around on a cloud these days feeling quite blessed by the goodness of it all.

The above drawing/painting is from our Ciener Botanical Gardens. There is a main area where I often sit and draw the various views, moving my chair around in that area. But just behind it, towards the “back” of the Gardens, is another area, a quieter less tended area. I like it for that reason. I often sit there drawing the flora and fauna with a view of Main Street Methodist Church in the distance. I absolutely LOVE it when the bells start ringing out a hymn tune! One couldn’t ask for a more perfect setting in which to draw!

And here’s one of the recent rhyming ditties I got down on paper–

This Strange

What be this strange which takes over my mind?

Words that tumble in rhythm and rhyme?

Is it a virus lasting only a time?

Or an inner well I had only to find?


Do the watery words stay calm in the well?

Unnoticed, unheeded, no fanfare, or bell…

‘Til such a season when the waters swell,

Bubbling up, spilling out of my pen pell-mell.


Whatever it be, this strange is a friend.

Who comes ‘round to greet me time and again.

At first I am shocked, a presence I cannot fend.

Just this one bucket– then it will end!


But no, this strange, it lingers a while.

As word after word, we mark out the miles.

One day I’ll cry “Uncle!” from under the pile.

But for now I pull buckets wearing a smile.




**I hope your creative well is brimming over for you this week! And I also hope to see you Saturday! Can’t wait to tell you all about it!

A Drawing Morning


In the flurry of activity surrounding all the good things happening these days, I found myself drawn to the Gardens here in town.  There were so many reasons why I should NOT go spend a morning to draw…piled laundry, dirty house, art “business” stuff to do, etc. But I knew I needed this. To sit in the quiet of the Gardens and use my pen to drink in the visual richness of an Autumn garden.


It was a bit nippy out there at 9:30 am…hence the fingerless knitted gloves…perfect for a chilly morning of drawing. I truly get lost in the lines I see before me. I love these drawings just as they are without color. But something drives me to add color…


A little bit at first. And then, as you can see in the first drawing…rich, dark color!  Mind you, I don’t want to overpower the lines too much! The lines are the THING and I don’t want color to take over.  I may have gone a bit too far in the end, but it pleases me and that’s the end of it. When you draw for the goodness, the benefit, and the experience of drawing, there need be no other criteria for your efforts other than whether it pleases you or not. It’s actually in the process of drawing, where it all happens.


What happens when I draw is this: My shoulders start to relax. I begin to hear better…listening to all the garden sounds. My heart rate slows.  Thoughts become clearer, less jumbled.  An inner strength arises to face the rest of day.  I was so in need of this yesterday.  I’m grateful for the two hour space I carved out to go to the Gardens and draw.


This week was a full one! My big box of books arrived! Etsy orders were filled! I read Genevieve and the Kite to a first grade class at my school! (More on this in another post!) And more preparations for an upcoming Craft and Artistry Bazaar here in Kernersville on Saturday, November 9th!! If you are able to come to this, it is sure to be a festive event, perfect for holiday shopping and picking up a copy or two of my new children’s book!:)  I also spoke with a local gallery owner who has offered to do a book signing event for me! I’m thrilled about this possibility and I’ll let you know more details as they evolve!

With all the goodness abounding, mixed in with everyday family living, I’m in need of time to draw, to regroup, to think and hear better, to find strength for it all. I hope you’ll join me in drawing your life, your gardens, your back yard, anything! May your weekend find you with pen or pencil in hand, even if it’s only for a moment or two.

P.S. We Walk for a Cure (JDRF) in one week!!! Thank you to all who have so generously given to Maddie’s Mission!! If you would still like to donate to this amazing cause, CLICK HERE! And remember…your name goes in a hat for a drawing for a copy of Genevieve and the Kite! Merci!

Drawing at the Gardens


I get to go today! Yay! Hooray! That is, if the overcast skies do not give way to rain. 🙁 I’m really looking forward to it! Here’s a sketch I made the last time I was at the Ciener Botanical Gardens.

Sometimes I like to put little restrictions guidelines for myself, as I did that day: only paint. No lines, no pens, just watercolor and a brush. Other days I make it an all line day, maybe color later. I have no idea what I’ll do today…it’ll hit me when I get there!

I hope your weekend allows you a spot of time to paint, or draw, or whatever tickles your fancy!

Poppie Love


You’ll be seeing more Poppy paintings cuz I’m in luuvvv…the poppies this spring at the Ciener Botanical Gardens were droolingly gorgeous! I had just gotten out of the hospital and when I felt up to driving, it was one of the first places I took myself…to see what was blooming there. I was in no shape to sit and draw so I took lots of photos of the dripping reds and pinks. Yummy!

This one and the last one are now for sale in my Shoppe! 🙂


**Note: When I work from a photograph, I do so in a similar manner to working from life. Just as I feel free to move things around (as I did in this recent post), I also feel free to eliminate extraneous material. That’s a fancy way of saying, that I only draw and paint what I feel is necessary to the rectangle image. Too much going on is quite simply too much! Don’t feel enslaved to every leaf, stem, or flower. And move the flowers around if that suits you. The photo is only a suggestion! You be the master. The same thing goes with color…let the photograph be a suggestion. DON’T try mixing exact colors to match what you see. I tend to punch up the color intensity. Or sometimes I lighten it…whatever feels right for conveying my love of the scene.

Oh…and by all means…LET THE WATERCOLOR OOZLE AND WAZZLE! This is watercolor’s most charming quality!! Let it flow, let it be. (Of course you CAN dab at it a tiny bit with a paper towel if it gets too out of hand:)

My Giverny


The Ciener Botanical Gardens here in my town of Kernersville, is definitely not Giverny. Not yet anyway. It is a beautiful garden that is still growing and expanding. But I love drawing here and have loved it for a year now. For other posts of drawings and paintings I’ve made here and here and here and here.  And as I’ve resumed my Friday drawing time downtown, I have gazillions more to share with you…someday!

I look forward to, one day, having a compilation of drawings made at the Gardens throughout the years. And though my little sketches are not the mammoth works of Monet, I like to think of this place as a spot I’ll frequent for many years like he did.

I began to teach myself to paint and draw 16 years ago. I remember talking to a new artist friend with whom I was sharing my first attempts. I remember saying, “I’m sorry there are so many flowers…I know they’re considered to be a worn out subject…but I just love them…and they are all over our yard…” Now, all these years later, I do not apologize for painting and drawing flowers. I like to think these words of Monet’s could have been mine as well:

“I am following Nature without being able to grasp her…

I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers.”

**Perhaps you too can find a place that you will visit over the years to paint and draw there time and time again.

Eclection Perfection


Chris Federico, the owner of Eclection in downtown Kernersville, has opened the arms of her shop to the faithful few who love to come out and draw. We are really grateful for such a beautiful spot to be indoors for the cold weather, to have so many wonderful things to draw, to sip  delicious tea, and even shop the unique, eclectic creations there if we want to!

Even though there are only one or two others who draw with me, I love having this regular spot in my week to get out in the world and draw.  This is just one of the many drawings I’ve made this winter while sitting in the lovely “living room”.  Each week it is arranged and decorated differently, using some of the unique creations from the shop.  One time Chris even set up a still life for us to draw, gathering this and that off the “floor”.  Now THAT’s rolling out the red carpet!

I won’t be able to be there this Friday, due to the Art Show happening the night before and needing to either recuperate from that or go in and do some tidying up from the show. But I look forward to next Friday, and the next.  If you’re in the area on a Friday morning…come draw with us! Chris would love to have you!

Drawing Friends



Drawing with friends downtown Kernersville has been one of the highlights of my week since last Spring. We started out at the Factory and kept drawing through the summer there. then we moved to the Ciener Botanical Gardens in the fall and now we draw at Eclections, a wonderful artisan booth space with a cafe and seating area.



Sometimes we chat more than we draw…



Other times we’re quiet and concentrating on our sketches…



But most of the time we are chatting AND drawing, multi-tasking at its best!



I love drawing my drawing friends! Can you tell?

New Drawing Spot

Fall has morphed into winter here, although by today’s temperature, it feels like spring.  We’ve been inside at a new awesome spot for drawing downtown Kernersville!  It’s called Eclection (NOT Eclections, as my silly drawing indicates!)

This relatively new shop is a wonderful boutique filled with booths by various local artists and artisans.  There’s a cafe inside with a marvelous seating area.  The shop owner, Chris Federico, has an incredible flair for decorating and arranging the booths and all the arts and crafts. If you live anywhere near Kernersville, you simply must make a trip to see the terrific creations here. You  might even get a bunch of your holiday shopping done here!


We will be drawing here through the winter months when it’s too cold to be outside. Chris really spoils us! We buy tea and sometimes a pastry.  She has even set up a marvelous still life from all the terrific artsy wares for us to draw!  Come join us!  10-noon on Fridays!

Just bring a sketchbook and pen…the place itself is inspiration for your drawings be they sketches, doodles, or chicken scratch! We welcome all!  Click on the link below for more info and directions.

Kernersville Drawing Group Newsletter:  NewsletterKvilleDrawing6

I’ve not been able to blog as much lately due to many wonderfully awesome things going on: the Ciener Botanical Gardens Art Show last Thursday, commissioned works due early December, several choral events our kids are involved in, holiday dinners with my gal friends, etc.

Tis the season to  make merry and there’s been a lot of merry making going on! I’m thankful for all of it! But sometimes I’d like to slow down a bit, catch my breath, draw/write/process the event I just attended and then go at it again.  Lately I’ve not had the draw/write/process part. That’s ok.  Soon. Very soon. I can feel it!

I leave you with this little peek at the banner I had created for my recent Art Show.  I was very pleased with how it turned out and how it expresses all the many things I love to do!  Thank you so much for all who came out for the show! I loved seeing you ALL!




Trumpet Call Announcement!

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

An Art Show to help a Garden Grow!

Thursday, November 29th 4-8 pm

Featuring Artists from the Triad area

(one of whom is ME!)

Put it on your calendar to come enjoy wine, hors d’oeuvres and music while browsing fine art & craft for your holiday shopping! Entrance cost is $10, and a portion of anything purchased goes to continuing the growth of our Ciener Botanical Gardens!

It has been a loooonnnngg time since I’ve done something like this and I’m soooo excited! I do hope to meet many of you at this lovely event! I will be featuring my drawings and paintings of downtown Kernersville, as well as offering Genevieve Cards and Prints.

This is a one evening event! Please come by and say hello!

For your invitation and ALL the details of this event, click below!

Small Works of Nature

**Several of my works created on location at the Gardens and downtown Kernersville area will be displayed and offered for sale!  The above drawing of Angel Trumpets was created while sitting at the Ciener Botanical Gardens drawing and enjoying the flowering purple basil next to it!