Honey of a Gallery

I am so pleased to have my artwork represented by a sweet little gallery here in my town of Kernersville. It has been many years since I've participated in a gallery. Too long I think. But I was waiting for just the right time and more particularly...just the right gallery! Southwinds Art Gallery is the … Continue reading Honey of a Gallery


If you've never been to Eclection, you need to go! If you've been, then you need to come visit again this Saturday!! Not only will you be able to finish off those last minute gifts, but you'll also be able to listen while I read Genevieve and the Kite! So bring your child/ren or any … Continue reading BookReadingSigningBookmarkMaking

Winter Drawing Spot

For the last few weeks, as the cold weather has set in, we've been drawing downtown INDOORS at Eclection. Debbie, my drawing friend, and I enjoyed this spot all last winter. We've been delighted by the new addition to their space.  The front area has been transformed into a lounge area for all the wine … Continue reading Winter Drawing Spot

Painting & Poem

Can I attempt to entice you once again to come out for my Art Show this Saturday? From 4-6 pm at Southwinds Gallery here in Kernersville, you'll see this painting and many more of my town. I'll also be signing books, both Genevieve and the Kite and Letters to an Artist.  I am walking around … Continue reading Painting & Poem

A Drawing Morning

In the flurry of activity surrounding all the good things happening these days, I found myself drawn to the Gardens here in town.  There were so many reasons why I should NOT go spend a morning to draw...piled laundry, dirty house, art "business" stuff to do, etc. But I knew I needed this. To sit … Continue reading A Drawing Morning

Drawing at the Gardens

I get to go today! Yay! Hooray! That is, if the overcast skies do not give way to rain. 🙁 I'm really looking forward to it! Here's a sketch I made the last time I was at the Ciener Botanical Gardens. Sometimes I like to put little restrictions guidelines for myself, as I did that day: … Continue reading Drawing at the Gardens

Poppie Love

You'll be seeing more Poppy paintings cuz I'm in luuvvv...the poppies this spring at the Ciener Botanical Gardens were droolingly gorgeous! I had just gotten out of the hospital and when I felt up to driving, it was one of the first places I took myself...to see what was blooming there. I was in no … Continue reading Poppie Love

My Giverny

The Ciener Botanical Gardens here in my town of Kernersville, is definitely not Giverny. Not yet anyway. It is a beautiful garden that is still growing and expanding. But I love drawing here and have loved it for a year now. For other posts of drawings and paintings I've made there..click here and here and here and … Continue reading My Giverny

Eclection Perfection

Chris Federico, the owner of Eclection in downtown Kernersville, has opened the arms of her shop to the faithful few who love to come out and draw. We are really grateful for such a beautiful spot to be indoors for the cold weather, to have so many wonderful things to draw, to sip  delicious tea, … Continue reading Eclection Perfection

Drawing Friends

  Drawing with friends downtown Kernersville has been one of the highlights of my week since last Spring. We started out at the Factory and kept drawing through the summer there. then we moved to the Ciener Botanical Gardens in the fall and now we draw at Eclections, a wonderful artisan booth space with a … Continue reading Drawing Friends