Christmas in the Spinning House

'Tis Christmas in the Spinning House the best time of the year... The bins are filled with fleeces and the workers full of cheer! *** They spin from dawn to dusk as shorter days it be Then 'round a roaring fire books and cocoa at their knees. *** On Christmas Eve they beg her to … Continue reading Christmas in the Spinning House

Stemming the Tide? or Riding the Wave?

The above drawing illustrates how I'm experiencing my days lately. The reasons for this are many and varied, not the least of which is just trying to get back up to speed with normal everyday living in the aftermath of major surgery. Life as a pastor's wife, a mother of three incredibly talented musical kids, … Continue reading Stemming the Tide? or Riding the Wave?

**NEW! Knitterly Cards and Prints!

Hip Hip Hooray!! My Knitterly Arts ETSY Shop now has more than just patterns! I'm now offering cards and prints of my original watercolor artwork...drawings and paintings of all things yarn! Knitting Hands. 5"x5" Matted Print. $12. Purchase here. Knitting Color. 5"x 5" Matted Print. $12. Purchase here. Set of 6 Cards, 3 each of … Continue reading **NEW! Knitterly Cards and Prints!

Gray Winter Days…

We've been having a lot of these. So gray and cold that even trying to get a decent photo of artwork is quite difficult. This was the best I could do today. I'll reshoot it another day soon! But as I was walking yesterday, I kept thinking this: Gray winter days are best enjoyed with … Continue reading Gray Winter Days…

Delight :: 2015

Happy New Year to One and All! This is the word I've chosen for this New Year!! Actually, it feels a bit like the word was tugging at my sleeve, asking to be picked up and carried throughout 2015. As I look down the corridor of 2015, I'm delighted that I don't have surgery awaiting … Continue reading Delight :: 2015

Fear Not

Tomorrow is Halloween. And I'm thinking about spectres. Spooks of a different kind that do not just come out to haunt at Halloween, but which tend to hover and linger all year round. We are a Harry Potter loving family. Would that there was something like chocolate I could eat or do to banish the dementors. … Continue reading Fear Not


I'm headed off on an adventure tomorrow. Not exactly the kind of adventure either you or I would want to go on, but adventure nonetheless: *There is travel involved. *I'm packing a suitcase. *There will be new experiences. *I will meet new people. *I will return different than I was before. This kind of adventure … Continue reading Adventure

My Box

"This is my box, this is my box... I never travel without my box. In the first drawer I keep my magic stones. One carnelian against all evil and envy. One moonstone to make you sleep. One red coral to heal your wounds. One lapis lazuli against quartern fever. One small jasper to help you … Continue reading My Box

Somewhere Between Dreams & Reality

I'm reading a book titled Live What You Love by Bob and Melinda Blanchard. It sat on a friend's coffee table, I picked it up with interest and have enjoyed reading it thus far. I like topics like this...dreams. People who pursue them. Stories of how they achieve them. What I like about this book, … Continue reading Somewhere Between Dreams & Reality

Nurture Your Creative Spark

So. After writing the last post about my papier mache birds with shawls, I had an image in my head to work out on paper. It started with writing that bit about having a tendency to make lots of smaller projects when life goes on full tilt.  I looked back at last year around this … Continue reading Nurture Your Creative Spark