Follow Through

Close on the heels of Majoring In One Thing At A Time, is the need to follow through with what you've determined to major on for that day, or series of days. I am the queen of creative ADD, an expert "waffler", starting one thing and then switching to another mid-stream. Once the excitement of … Continue reading Follow Through

Major On One Thing At A Time

I often learn about living life from the process of drawing. That sentence sounds a bit odd. But it never ceases to amaze me how the act of drawing informs life, just as living informs drawing. For those who have followed me here for some time, this is not news to you. Here and here … Continue reading Major On One Thing At A Time

Macy’s Christmas Tree: Free Instructions

Macy has been busy crocheting some Christmas trees perfect for hanging on the tree or for decorating the table. She now has a Christmas tree lot at Southwinds Gallery offering her makes for others to enjoy! For those who crochet, Macy wanted to share how she made them. Instead of offering a PDF to download, … Continue reading Macy’s Christmas Tree: Free Instructions

One Pane Only

Here's something you can try... Sit next to a window that has panes dividing the glassed viewing area. With pen and sketchbook in hand, draw what you see within only ONE pane. This acts as a viewfinder for you, limiting the scope of what you have to draw. You can keep your lines within the … Continue reading One Pane Only

Kool Aid to Dye for!

**This post comes with a warning: If you continue reading/viewing, you may wind up with a huge, ridiculous grin on your face such as I have in the above pic! Why oh why did I not take a before photo of these hanks of wool?? Perhaps because I was eager to see them transformed from … Continue reading Kool Aid to Dye for!

Following a Hunch

I posted this close-up pic on Instagram and had a hunch that I would paint it and possibly add some elements of collage. I wasn't sure though. So I started out slowly drawing the contours in pencil. So many times, I am unclear as to how I will proceed with a drawing/painting, but just beginning, … Continue reading Following a Hunch

Quick Sketch & Slow Study

When you're not feeling great physically, a quick sketch is the way to go. No planning. No lines.  Just attack the page with paint looking quickly between your subject and the paper. The above is an example of a quick sketch of another bouquet of flowers I received recently. I love to make quick sketches! You can, … Continue reading Quick Sketch & Slow Study

Change in Direction

Some time ago, in a flurry of excitement, I had a most colorful idea to re-cover a tired looking hassock with crochet!! Bright colors, circles, surrounded by crisp white...yes, this would be perfect! I hook and hook, round and round. My youngest daughter, who likes to sit in the chair next to me and chat … Continue reading Change in Direction

A Silly Thing: Crochet Door Stopper Cover

Ideas have a way of getting a big toe in the door of my creative mind. Sometimes I shoo them away saying, "Oh that's just silly!" And I don't pay them any more mind. There are times, though, that I'll give way to the silly, open the door a bit more, and see what happens. … Continue reading A Silly Thing: Crochet Door Stopper Cover