(Day 1 page) The idea of 100 days of sticking to just one way of creating is not appealing to me.  I am skeptical of my ability to hang in there for that long. Also, I seem to thrive on variety, having the freedom to create as ideas come to me, leaping from drawing everyday … Continue reading #100dayproject


I am realizing anew that there's a time for every season under heaven. (photography courtesy of Hazel Kuehn Photography) There's a time for celebrating. And a time for grieving the passing of an era. There's a time for illness. And a time for healing. There's a time for making marks. And a time for white … Continue reading Time

Pensieve Paintings

Some day, and maybe someday quite soon, I want to paint really big abstract paintings. Yeah, this is nothing new. I have wanted to do this for many years. All kinds of reasons blocks rise up when I go to actually make these little ones on a larger scale...i don't have time, no one would … Continue reading Pensieve Paintings

Just Wonderin’…

...what's up ahead... I'm strangely wordless as I face a New Year rolling in. 2012 was a beautiful year, for many reasons both creatively and personally. I'll detail some of that in an upcoming post. But I feel a sweet hush around me as I contemplate a new year ahead. The possibilities. The unexpected. The … Continue reading Just Wonderin’…

Pulling Down Deep Heaven: Part 2

If I climbed up to the tippy-top of a tree, and held out my bucket- Could I catch the sun-drops, and keep them with me... ...then share with others at the base of the tree? -jpe If any creative act, (be it visual, musical, theatrical, written or otherwise), is a definitively spiritual endeavor, then there … Continue reading Pulling Down Deep Heaven: Part 2

Do I Dare?

It might be fun! Whilst knitting lately in between drawing and commission works, I've developed an itch to blog about knitting.  So I'm thinking of swinging a bit over on Drawn2Knit.  If you're interested in all things knitting, crocheting, yarn, etc....please join me!  I will still post here as well! So much to draw and … Continue reading Do I Dare?