What I Need

en·chant inˈCHant,enˈCHant/ verb (1)fill (someone) with great delight; charm. synonyms: captivate, charm, delight, enrapture, entrance, enthrall, beguile, bewitch, spellbind, fascinate, hypnotize, mesmerize, rivet, grip, transfix... (2)put (someone or something) under a spell. I find myself all too often under an enchantment I do not like. The realization of it comes after many days of living … Continue reading What I Need

A Bale of Words

Available in My Etsy Shoppe Another "sitting" out in my favorite field just after the baling. This time with my pastels in My Little Black Book. Available in My Etsy Shoppe And a different sort of "bale" here...words bundled together in a little poem I wrote several years ago: ************************** I like you standing there… … Continue reading A Bale of Words

Whose Fields These Are

  Whose fields these are…     Whose fields these are I think I know… His house presides o’er fence below.   His cattle say their grace each day Content to watch and eat and stay.   The fields, they hum a beckoning tune- To roam, to fly, to surf their dune,   To live … Continue reading Whose Fields These Are

What We’re Looking For…

Every day, I flip the lime green lid of my iPad, and after some minutes of perusing the latest postings on my Google Reader, browsing through the latest Facebook updates, reading emails, touching base with favorite apps...I begin to wonder, "What is it I'm looking for?" On Sundays, beginning Saturday evening, I try to take … Continue reading What We’re Looking For…

My Little Black Book

Years ago, my mom gave me a little black drawing book.  I think it's about 5" x 5" filled with a wonderful black card-like paper just perfect for soft pastels.  I've returned to swiping the luscious colors around on these pages and thought I'd share a few.  These two are from Piano lessons.  Not my … Continue reading My Little Black Book