Pensieve Paintings

Some day, and maybe someday quite soon, I want to paint really big abstract paintings. Yeah, this is nothing new. I have wanted to do this for many years. All kinds of reasons blocks rise up when I go to actually make these little ones on a larger scale...i don't have time, no one would … Continue reading Pensieve Paintings

Kollage Kick

I've been on a kollage kick lately! I love getting out of my usual drawing mode for excursions in collage. Here's a process you might like to try sometime: 1. Swipe some watercolor or acrylic around on a blank page in your sketchbook. 2. While that's drying, choose papers in colors that echo the colors … Continue reading Kollage Kick

The Brothers Zucchini

In the vast land of Back Yard, two brothers lived next door to each other through the heat and humidity of Summer. Bubba Zucchini had a goal to produce the biggest and best zucchini ever known, while Jake Zucchini made it his mission to outlast them all. As Autumn encroached on the land, Jake held … Continue reading The Brothers Zucchini

The Smell of Honeysuckle

One day recently as I walked near my favorite Lane, I smelled honeysuckle! I could smell it before I could see it. And then, rounding the corner at the top of our neighborhood, there it was...a blanket of white and yellow vining in a tangle of overgrown weeds. Bliss! You know how it is... A … Continue reading The Smell of Honeysuckle

Mystery Man

So the point of this rather odd little sketch made completely out of my head, is to ask a question: Who is he? There's this man, who stands on the side of Sedge Garden Rd. near the intersection with Kernersville Rd. He's there every morning when I take Maddie to school. He's there every afternoon … Continue reading Mystery Man

The Balloon Tree

I sit outside, in a brief interlude of warmth and peace, gazing up at the winter trees. An idea begins to form...those lines, those lovely lines...they make shapes, hold spaces where shape resides. The idea I have doesn't take shape fully yet. I'm searching, thinking about these spaces and the shapes that inhabit them.  I … Continue reading The Balloon Tree

Dropping Down

  This moment, right here, is where i need to be. Drinking in the lines & curves of the NOW life which is SO unassuming, SO simple, perhaps not even note-worthy. And drawing, i find worth and value in just BEING. BEING still, being focused on here and not on there. This dropping-down of … Continue reading Dropping Down

Random Acts of Paper: Part 4 (Final)

This last card made me think of "Winken and Blinken and Nod sailing off in a wooden shoe...sailed on a river of crystal light, into a sea of dew." It's one of my favorite songs! Not much going on with the back side of the card. I was "done". You know, the itch had been … Continue reading Random Acts of Paper: Part 4 (Final)

Random Acts of Paper: Part 3

Trees! I have a fascination with Trees! When I finished making this one, I kept thinking "Chicka Chicka Boom! Boom!" which is from a favorite children's book by that name and features the alphabet climbing a tree. I really should have photographed this upside down so you could see the little tree on the back … Continue reading Random Acts of Paper: Part 3

Random Acts of Paper: Part 2

This is the second collaged card I made. It was cool to take a background paper and look at my pile of scraps to see what would work with the card stock. It almost seemed like the little scraps would whisper...yes, me! and me! oh no...i just won't do with that blue! etc. Not as … Continue reading Random Acts of Paper: Part 2