Random Acts of Paper: Part 2

This is the second collaged card I made. It was cool to take a background paper and look at my pile of scraps to see what would work with the card stock. It almost seemed like the little scraps would whisper…yes, me! and me! oh no…i just won’t do with that blue! etc.

Not as much going on with the back of this card. But I titled it “Waterlily Nite”. Children’s books and songs were floating in and out of my head with each one.

Random Acts of Paper: Part 1

Until I have a chance to create a post about our awesome Walk Day, I’ll share this with you. I had another creative itch to scratch last week…except this time it was paper collage! I decided to make cards. I liked using the little bits of throwaway papers I have and seeing what I could come up with.

This was the first of four I made. I felt I had to title them. This one is “Breezy Fall”.  These are not the best photos. The colors in the top one are truer to the actual collaged card.

Maybe I’m Just A Little Girl…

This is the refrain from one of my FAVORITE songs by one of my FAVORITE musician/singer/songwriters: Mindy Gledhill.

You just gotta listen to her music!

It’s the most wonderfulest!

Final Day


Wishing I could fly my kite all the way home from the beach, I’m enjoying the last full day here. There are so many drawings I’ve not been able to share with you…perhaps I can create some sort of video montage for you when I get back home.

But not before I fly a kite one last time at the beach. 🙂

A Day at the Beach…

“A day at the beach is like silk in your hands…” I dunno. Even though there’s sand and salty water, it’s just how it feels to me…silky, blythe days unfurling in color and doodles.

P.S. I’m using my ipad for blogging, including taking the pictures. The color is not nearly so vibrant as the actual page in my sketchbook. Oh well. It’s fun anyways!


Words at bottom of page:

i threw open the blinds this morning and what to my wondering eyes should appear but BLUE SKY beaming back at me! The bluest blue with only hints of white in a few meandering clouds, a streak or 2 where planes had traversed.  i held my breath and drank it in. i went out into it and walked around in a bejewelled state of BLUE. 5/17/12

The Ember Phase

We’re now living in the ember phase of Autumn.  Where trees once stood tall as flaming torches, they are now skirted ’round with embers…the last of the burning…an undergrowth aglow. I love this sight:  a blanket of still-fiery leaves marking the circumference of the canopy.  To walk into it must feel like walking in a fairy land, or like being royalty on a jeweled carpet.

It is Fall’s last blaze before it all goes gray to charcoal with only evergreen hints here and there.  I know I will love that too.  But I want to hold onto THIS, this ember-carpet pooled under near-bare trees.  I don’t want it to go…can’t I stay?  Can’t the leaves remain golden?

I know the answer before I’ve even asked.  And it isn’t just leaves I’m thinking of.

Can’t we just stay in glowing years of health and youth?  Can’t my kids stay young and at home?  Can’t my husband and I remain healthy in body, teeth intact, eyesight fair?

The rhythm of the seasons is both lovely and arresting, peaceful and unsettling.  For as each season morphs into the next, life changes, bodies change.  Once flaming stalks of youth and beauty give way to skirted embers and then on to gray lines etched into white.

I’m living the roll of the seasons and at 46 I feel like I can reach one hand back and touch, feel, remember my childhood, my wedding day, my kids’ births; and at the same time I can reach forward to what I know must come.

This standing in a place where the view is so expansive almost hurts.  Yes, there’s beauty abounding to be sure.  But seasons past are to be no more and where I’m standing, though blanketed with jeweled embers, it is fleeting.  It too will morph and change and I don’t know how the gray lines will feel.

All I can do is stand here, NOW, and enjoy the jewels I’m given.

And one thing leads to another…

So one day I’m checking a favorite blog called Deep Space Sparkle. I love seeing her colorful ideas for lesson plans to teach art to children. You might think that since I myself teach art to children, that I would love this site for ideas for my own students. But actually, I love the ideas for myself! It’s fun to play, to jog yourself out of any artistic ruts you might be in, and this site gives plenty of ways to do that!

So the featured artist was someone I had never heard of…Friedensreich Hundertwasser, an Austrian artist whose work is boldly colorful, abstract, and full of patterns. Something about the raucous color, the shapes and patterns, plus the way Patty (the blog author/teacher) translated his work for children, sparked something for me to give it a go.

All of this percolated for a couple of days, as I thought of how I might like to translate some of it for myself…bold colors could be acrylics or oil pastels, wanted to outline in black (not necessarily a Hundertwasser trait), and definitely wanted to scratch through, like Patty had her kids do…but thought it would be fun to try the scratching through oil pastels, much like we did when we were kids, only with crayons.

So…I swooshed around some watercolor in my sketchbook and let it dry. Then I used the vibrant cray-pas oil pastels on top. The final flourish was to scratch through the pastel. I ended up having tons of fun, the images spilling over so fast, I had three of them in the first go! I’ll share more later!