Too Much

If you peeled your eyes away to give them a break to rest from so much seeing to see what might be discovered in reality... If you pulled your nose back from the glass and stone from the screen and window to inhale something new, or just stop breathing the fumes... If you covered your … Continue reading Too Much


Were my life four seasons of twenties I would be in late Fall. Spring and Summer past, so too the brilliance of leaf and coolness. Only a few bright jewels remain quivering on their branches knowing full well they await their last flight of wind before gravity takes hold. From here I can feel the … Continue reading Evergreen

I’ll Tell You

What happens when so much making comes tumbling out of you that you shy to share it? What do you do when so many ideas beg and need to be birthed, small, tiny, insignificant ideas yet they must be born? What if you feel so alive with all the making, the knitting, the poeming, the … Continue reading I’ll Tell You

Wind Walking

It's been a while since I've posted any of my poetry. Oh I do have these little rhyming ditties trot through my head now and again. Most of the time I just roll my eyes and go on about my day. But this one "blew through" my head as I woke this morning complete with … Continue reading Wind Walking

Could It Be?

Could it be, in these small un-arted hours, beauty is wrought? Could it be, in dishes and diapers, laundry and lunches, heaven is laid out? Could it be, in lack and leanness, provision is lavished? Could it be, in faces - not fancies - that fullness is found? Could it be, as I embrace the … Continue reading Could It Be?

In the Presence of a Tree

I sat in the presence of a tree today to lean in, to listen to what it has to say. To draw from its lines a story of the tree with pen and brush in hand, my sketchbook on my knee. It offered me a leaf, with limb bent low, and dindled and quivered glad … Continue reading In the Presence of a Tree


I heard a poem being read on NPR the other day. I thought it was so lovely and wanted to share it with you. Autumn The leaves are falling, falling as if from far up, as if orchards were dying high in space. Each leaf falls as if it were motioning "no." And tonight the heavy … Continue reading Falling

The Tease

The Birches have begun their pre-autumn strip-tease. It must be the shafts of amber sun and dry air in the morning tickling their golden fronds and sienna-tinged greenery to the ground. My heart skips a beat at the sight of their undressing for it makes me think--- Fall is coming. Yet not so fast. It … Continue reading The Tease


Mondays come around with shocking regularity. Don't you think so too? For some, the weekend is a time to slow down, to rest a bit from the work-week, to have a bit of fun. For me, weekends are hard, harried living. Oh sure, it's all good stuff. But come Monday morning I feel I  need … Continue reading Mondays

I Will Create!

This is an oldy I wrote years ago, but I've been running the words in my head of late. We can so easily be consumed by the sadness in this world: mass killings of humanity, hunger abroad and in our own towns, financial woe, health issues, family matters, work difficulties, etc. I choose to stand … Continue reading I Will Create!