Portrait #16: The Gentleman Farmer

To attempt to paint a portrait of Mr. Leo Whicker, born September 3, 1927, is like trying to harness (with paint and paper) the wisdom of years and experience, coupled with an effortless joy that is surely hard-won through life's ups and downs.  I have had the privilege of getting to know Mr. Whicker through … Continue reading Portrait #16: The Gentleman Farmer

Portrait #15: Mr. Leo Whicker

  Last Monday, September 3rd, I was walking in my neighborhood, up near The Field, and I was stopped by my friend and neighbor, Mr. Leo Whicker. "Jennifah", he said in his lovely southern accent, "you won't believe what just happened! You know I love donkeys, right?" "Well, yes sir, I do remember that! How … Continue reading Portrait #15: Mr. Leo Whicker

Life Is A Garden

Walking down my favorite lane this morning, my thoughts flitted over the empty wheat field, and landed in the garden area near the end of Silver Dapple Lane.  Mr. Whicker has given this end of his field to his tenants who live in homes on his land.  They have a thriving garden full of corn, … Continue reading Life Is A Garden

Whose Fields These Are

  Whose fields these are…     Whose fields these are I think I know… His house presides o’er fence below.   His cattle say their grace each day Content to watch and eat and stay.   The fields, they hum a beckoning tune- To roam, to fly, to surf their dune,   To live … Continue reading Whose Fields These Are

What We’re Looking For…

Every day, I flip the lime green lid of my iPad, and after some minutes of perusing the latest postings on my Google Reader, browsing through the latest Facebook updates, reading emails, touching base with favorite apps...I begin to wonder, "What is it I'm looking for?" On Sundays, beginning Saturday evening, I try to take … Continue reading What We’re Looking For…

The Sparkle of Fall

Before we leave fall color behind, I wanted you to see two other sketches made near My Field.  Here I'm trying out different mediums, inspired by the One Drawing A Day book I told you about here.  In these I've used crayons, just regular 'ole crayons to draw with, or to put in accents here … Continue reading The Sparkle of Fall

Autumn Blaze Continued…

And so, I set my chair down in different spots along Silver Dapple Lane...to see my world from new vantage points.  I'm also varying the tools I use to draw.  We need this, both in life and in our art...to have our eyes refreshed with new vision and to vary how we walk through it. … Continue reading Autumn Blaze Continued…

Autumn Blaze…A Gift

"Jennifa", he says in his lovely southern drawl, "I planted these for my granddaughter.  I told her I planted them so that when I'm gone, she could enjoy their beauty and remember me. They are called, Autumn Blaze." Mr. Whicker, 85 years old this fall, stops in his truck often to talk to me on … Continue reading Autumn Blaze…A Gift

A Field Alive!

As I walked out into the middle of my outdoor studio, the most delightful thing happened.  Walking up to the edge of the field, I could HEAR that the field was alive...that wonderful sound of crickets and whatever else makes those noises we love.  But as I took a step into the field, ten or … Continue reading A Field Alive!

The Pasture…as seen from My Field

The vantage point I have in my field this particular day, was actually IN the field.  I had set up my folding chair and supplies right in the middle, so as to draw views all around me.  This view is over towards Mr. Whicker's farm.  His cows were not out that day as they often … Continue reading The Pasture…as seen from My Field