Be All In! Right Where I Am

Due to my very FULL life ūüėČ I have not been able to draw on Fridays with my friend Debbie for a few weeks. I miss it so much! And today is no exception...I will miss being there, tracing the lines of the autumn flowers in the beautiful setting at the Ciener Botanical Gardens. But … Continue reading Be All In! Right Where I Am

A Line for Maddie

Friends of ours who went to live overseas, said to those of us sending them off, that we were the ones holding the line on the other end for them. ¬†I loved that thought! And, as an artist, the idea that I hold one end of the drawn line as they "draw" the lines of … Continue reading A Line for Maddie

Can’t Wait for a Cure!

There are days I long for a cure for Type 1 Diabetes more acutely than others. ¬†Here's a peek into a day in the life of a 10-year old living with Type 1 Diabetes: (this was just this past Tuesday, so it's fresh in my mind) 12am: While she sleeps, I test her blood sugar. … Continue reading Can’t Wait for a Cure!

Give and You will Receive!

As a special thank you to ALL who have already given and to any who might wish to make a donation to Maddie's Mission to Cure Diabetes...I will give you a Genevieve Print of your choice!! Just click on the highlighted words Maddie's Mission to Cure Diabetes and for any $15 donation or greater, I … Continue reading Give and You will Receive!

A Grateful Girl!

A couple of Sundays ago, Maddie told me on our way home, that in Children's Church, the teacher asked them all a question: What is something you are thankful for and why? "Mom", she said, "I've always felt thankful for insulin, and that is what I said.¬† But I don't think it ever really hit … Continue reading A Grateful Girl!

Mr. Whicker & Maddie: A Diabetes Story

In early December of 2009, Mr. Whicker knocked on our front door.¬† My parents answered the door, as Randy and I and Maddie were not there.¬† My parents had come to stay with our two older children since we were at Brenner's Children's Hospital.¬† My parents told Mr. Whicker where we were and why. Maddie … Continue reading Mr. Whicker & Maddie: A Diabetes Story

October means The JDRF Walk!

It's been TWO YEARS since Maddie and I participated in the JDRF Walk for the Cure.¬† Last fall was just too crazy and it pained me to have to bow out of it.¬† I vowed not to let busyness push it out of our calendar this year!! So we are signed up to walk, and … Continue reading October means The JDRF Walk!

Joslin Diabetes Center

Maddie and I are enjoying visits to the new Joslin Diabetes Center.¬† The beautiful bright colors make you forget that the reason you are here is because your child has a life-threatening disease which requires ongoing management and education.¬† This morning, we met with the wonderful Kathie Cooper, our diabetes educator. I say "our", because … Continue reading Joslin Diabetes Center

A Day to Honor…

...all those living with Diabetes in whatever form it takes in their lives.¬† On this day, World Diabetes Day, we are especially remembering the thousands of people, both children and adults who live bravely with Type 1 Diabetes all over the world.¬† It will be two years on December 7th, that our daughter Maddie was … Continue reading A Day to Honor…

A Great Day for Walking

On Saturday, October 23rd, my three kids and I went for a beautiful walk around the campus of Wake Forest University.¬† It wasn't just any old walk.¬† It was the Walk for the Cure for Type 1 Diabetes sponsored by the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation here in the Triad of North Carolina.¬† It was the … Continue reading A Great Day for Walking