Spinning My Wheels

I stepped into an elevator. I was the only one in it and as the door closed I looked for a button to push. One single silver button was barely visible in the oddly painted interior of this elevator. I pushed it and immediately I began going up. But not for long. The elevator stopped. … Continue reading Spinning My Wheels

Loose Ends Meet Warp

Recently I’ve been diving into the chaos of my snippet jar. So many yarn ends from past knitting projects and weavings, piled in a glass bowl, whisper possibility. Life can feel much like this. Loose ends. Chaos. Disorganization. Bits of this and that which don’t seem to add up to a whole lot of anything. … Continue reading Loose Ends Meet Warp

Dreaming in Stitches

I’m dreaming in stitches these days... Fabric scraps and threads and story... It is ever so slow yet oh so delicious... Just thought you might like to know. 😊 If this kind of thing tickles your fancy, feel free to follow along on my stitch-dedicated blog The Silver Dapple as well as on Instagram...@thesilverdapple...a separate … Continue reading Dreaming in Stitches

Draw the Skies

Another whispering I hear often lately is “Draw the Skies”. In my desire to sit and ponder without something in my hands (knitting, stitching or otherwise) I marvel at the sky in its many splendors. On a few occasions I’ve had a sketchbook nearby. Most of the time I do not and so I’m left … Continue reading Draw the Skies


(Day 1 page) The idea of 100 days of sticking to just one way of creating is not appealing to me.  I am skeptical of my ability to hang in there for that long. Also, I seem to thrive on variety, having the freedom to create as ideas come to me, leaping from drawing everyday … Continue reading #100dayproject

A Newsletter for You!

I now have a FREE Newsletter to offer you!! At the end of last week I worked with MailChimp, an awesome newsletter creating site, to send out my first one. It is full of inspiration to keep the fiber flowing in your hands! I have all sorts of ideas and plans for this little newsletter, … Continue reading A Newsletter for You!

Merry Days!

From my heARTh to yours... ...the MERRIEST of days as you celebrate Emmanuel! May love, joy and peace brim to overflowing as you experience family and friends in the coming days.

Artful Friends

I am blessed with quite a few artful friends with whom I enjoy getting together to draw or paint, knit or crochet. The above sketch is of myself and a friend who is also named Jennifer. We both love multiple expressions of creativity, including knitting. Hence the shawls we both had knitted and wore to … Continue reading Artful Friends

A New View

I am a creature of habit. I wake up around the same time each morning. I love my morning routine of walking, journaling, reading, writing. I eat meals at approximately the same times each day. I have favorite sketchbooks I stick with. I shop for groceries at the same places. I drive the same routes … Continue reading A New View