Catie’s Crochet


Our college daughter, Catherine (whom we affectionately call Catie) is an accomplished crocheter. Though she never uses a pattern, she can create whatever she envisions and it turns out splendidly! Her last day at home, before heading back to Wingate University, she decided she wanted a new little purse.  Crocheted with lovely cottons, embellished with beads and a drawstring, her bag holds all her essentials.

It’s always a delight for me when my daughters knit, crochet or create anything! Check here, here, here and here for other blog posts about my girls making stuff. <sigh>

I’ve been reading one of my favorite knitting books, Free-Range Knitter by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. This book has had me rolling in laughter, moved to tears, chuckling and sighing all the way through. It is a delightful compilation of short stories and essays, all about knitting and knitters. One of my favorite chapters is about her 16 year old daughter Megan, who knits like the wind. Pearl-McPhee describes in beautiful poetic language her feelings as she watches her daughter knit. What struck me so deeply, was Pearl-McPhee’s conviction, as she sees her daughter speedily knitting, that she is going to be ok, that all be well in her life.  I too have had this feeling come over me as I watch my daughters create and as I hear my son create music: whatever comes their way in life, they will be ok. They will have this wonderful way of making something from their hands in and through the ups and downs of life. It will aid them, carry them in a way.

I highly recommend reading Stephanie’s book. And I also recommend making something with your hands. 🙂

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