Changing Yarn


There are many reasons why a knitter/crocheter changes yarn midway through a project. It may be that the pattern dictates this. Or the knitter gets bored of the same color and needs a change. Or they run out of a particular color and instead of trying to match the dye lots, she/he just keeps going with a new color.


This happened recently with me as I am knitting/designing a spring caplet. I figured I would probably run out of the lime green Patagonia yarn. I had made a commitment to use leftover skeins for this project. So when it became evident that the green was running out, I had a pink of the same yarn, waiting in the wings to come out on stage and play its part in the drama. Fortunately, it’s working out well. I will keep you posted on how this caplet evolves.

But yet another reason to change yarns in a knitted or crocheted project is just for the fun of it! This is why I’ve started this new blog, Knitterly Arts! Just for fun…to go off on a different colored yarn adventure for however long I want. Though there will be drawings, I won’t post to Everyday Matters from this blog. This blog is basically for knitters and crocheters, though I welcome anyone for sure!! Whether you draw or paint, knit or crochet, or none of these at all…you are certainly welcome to visit here!

But change of any kind, no matter how fun, can bring a slew of questions, perhaps even doubts…. My mind seems to have a good many of these little doubt clouds floating around these days. I’m learning to recognize them and watch them float on by, not giving them too much attention or attaching any hand-wringing to them.

New things, new directions, and change can truly be fun if we learn to let go of whatever holds us back the old yarn and tie on a new one.

It doesn’t have to be forever. Just for a time. ‘Til the next color, or the previous one, begs to have a go! 😉

4 thoughts on “Changing Yarn

  1. freebirdsings says:

    First off, what is a caplet? I love the colors I’m seeing in what you’re knitting.

    Even the funnest stuff gets boring if we don’t change it up a bit. Your paintings are eye candy even if they are about knitting. Doesn’t seem to matter what you paint it is still eye candy.

  2. jenpedwards says:

    Ah. Well. I’ve just now realized that I misspelled the word capelet. The computer autocorrects my spelling of capelet to caplet. Caplet is like a form of medicine, like a tablet. I am not knitting THAT! I am knitting a shortened cape, which is called a capelet. It’s coming along. I’ve just finished the knitting part and now I’m beginning the fun embellishing!! Sometimes it actually takes longer than the knitting, but I don’t mind. You are too kind to give me that lovely compliment! But it tickles me to pieces that my artwork is eye candy!:) Thanks so much, as always, Timaree! I hope you are having a lovely day!

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