Cheer In A Vase


I love flowers. Have I told you that? I often feel like Monet who said, ” I perhaps owe becoming a painter to flowers.” Yes, indeed. So many ways to depict them, so many mediums to choose from for the color, joy, and shapes of flowers.

In my previous post, I shared the LINE version of this particular bouquet…here’s  a photograph of the actual bouquet:


As you can see, I do not attempt to put every little detail into the drawings/paintings. Some artists enjoy that. I prefer to “suggest” what’s there, to express the profusion of color and cheer.


When you choose to work without line, then you’re having to rely on shapes of color and value as well as expressive brushwork to capture the floral bouquet. I love working both ways.

***I have now added the above painting as well as the last two florals in my Etsy Shop for sale. I will add others this week as I share more floral depictions of hope and beauty. The great thing about these paintings is that they are done on 9″x12″ acid-free paper, perfect for framing in a ready-made frame. I suggest the kind with a mat built in. Matting your paintings gives breathing space between the painting and the molding. It also really sets off the image.

***I hope you find a little beauty strewn across your path today.

0 thoughts on “Cheer In A Vase

  1. Suzanne Ourth says:

    I like both your line and no line paintings! Very lovely!
    Wishing you a very fast recovery! So glad that you are posting again!

    • jenpedwards says:

      Thanks so much Suzanne! It’s good to be back! I have been posting in my Knitterly Arts blog, but wanted to share the drawings and paintings here. Thank you for taking the time to comment!

  2. freebirdsings/Timaree says:

    Beauty in my day? Not much till I came here! I mowed my grass (can’t call it a lawn as it’s too small) or what’s left of it as four dogs on the tiny patch are just too much for it so it wasn’t pretty and my plants seem to be turning brown and I don’t know why so not a lot of beauty there either but I did pick a fig this morning and drats, I didn’t take a photo or draw it and it WAS a spot of beauty -tasted good too! So your pretty pictures did add a bright spot in my day!

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