Christmas Day Quickie

Er, umm, well, uh yes, er no, not quite, but anyway…this simple little wrap really was a fast make! It had to be, for me to be able to make it and then wear it on Christmas Day! The design, called Square Wrap, is by one of my new favorite designers, Sarah Hatton. The pattern is found in the Rowan Magazine, #40. These Rowan Magazine’s are world’s you can get lost in…wonderful knit and crochet designs paired with beautiful outfits (costumes actually) that make you want to dress like a gypsy or a medieval peasant princess. I’m all into legwarmers, fingerless mittens, capelets, and ponchos…smaller knit and crochet pieces that take your regular wardrobe and transform it into something…well, something else, I’m not exactly sure what. This wrap is addictive…my second one is blocking as we speak (or read).

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