Christmas in the Spinning House

‘Tis Christmas in the Spinning House

the best time of the year…

The bins are filled with fleeces

and the workers full of cheer!


They spin from dawn to dusk

as shorter days it be

Then ’round a roaring fire

books and cocoa at their knees.


On Christmas Eve they beg her

to read to them out loud…

A Story true and wondrous

which secretly makes them proud.


A tale of long ago

of a Mother’s heart so full –

the Christ-child come to us

all wrapped up in wool.


They knew that in the swaddling

their work was not in vain

For thread and cloth had warmed Him,

soothed the Infant’s pain.


The words were so familiar,

just as wool and wheel and hand.

Yet the Story always amazed

and made their work quite grand.


As Macy read the final words

inspiration filled the House…

they would spin for joy all year –

the perfect work for a mouse.



Macy (in the red knitted cape, and Purl (in the pink knitted shawl) want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! Indeed all the mice, as well as Clarissa the cat and Yvette the bunny wish for everyone to be filled with hope and peace and light this holiday season and on into the New Year! Marisol is happily busy with Christmas preparations in the Land Of Yarn Drobe, but is sadly unable to visit her friends in the Spinning House due to a pestilence in the land. She hopes it will soon go away so that she can bring gifts to her dear friends and they can all sit around the fire together spinning or weaving or knitting. They are all excited about the New Year and the wool they will transform into beautiful yarns filled with possibilities!

Genevieve (that’s my portrait above the fireplace) joins them in wishing you a most blessed Christmas and New Year!❤️

P.S. If you follow me on Instagram, you are familiar with the House I made for the felted mice and other creatures who live in my studio. I have written about them numerous times in the past. They are a never-ending source of inspiration to me with their enthusiasm for anything we can make with wool. I love to draw them in their merry world.😍

14 thoughts on “Christmas in the Spinning House

  1. Mary Ellis says:

    Love visiting the Spinning House – such adorable creatures and lovely poetry! Merry Christmas to you and all the family!

  2. Elaine / LannieK says:

    Love everything about this! It’s darling! Merry, Merry Christmas, Jen. I hope you and your family have have a wonderful & blessed Holiday ~ with lots of color!

  3. Jennifer Hollingworth says:

    Here in Australia it is hot and sunny and I am sheltering inside with the air con going. However, I too am spinning at my wheel. Regards, Jennifer H

    • Jennifer Edwards says:

      Hi Jennifer! I’m glad you are spinning at your wheel and I hope the summer temperatures might allow some plain air spinning! I love to do take my wheel out and spin on the deck. Thank you for taking the time to comment here! -Jennifer

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