The making of cloth is an enchanting endeavor.

Somehow…with the simplest of ability and materials…something soft is created that warms and mesmerizes.

Enchanting cloth begs to be shared. Check out all the handwoven scarves/wraps I’m sharing in my shop!

Perhaps you’ll find something enchanting there. 🙂

**Dear Reader…Happy New Year! Ha! It’s a bit late, and I can hardly believe January has already flown by. Here in North Carolina we are having some wintry weather days and I’m always eagerly anticipating whether we will actually get some accumulated snow. Hope springs eternal in my heart for SNOW! I realize that some of you may be getting way more snow than you’d like. I’d happily take some of it off your hands (or rather, from your yards/driveways :).

Anyway…I am in the process of resuming my newsletter and blogging a bit more regularly. I sincerely hope you are all enjoying many creative endeavors from playing the harp, to mosaics, to sketching and drawing, to knitting, crochet, spinning or weaving! Here’s to a year filled with making! I hope to inspire and encourage you along the way!

Artfully yours,


10 thoughts on “Cloth

  1. margaret harrison says:

    Oh my gosh these are so beautiful!! I don’t know if you know this, but before I decided to start painting I thought about weaving beautiful scarves and rugs and throws like these–because I LOVE color so much. Are these scarves–they are so gorgeous in a pile together!!

    • Jennifer Edwards says:

      Oh that is so cool Margaret! I didn’t know that! It is really fun to play with colors in fiber and fabric and ribbon, etc!! Yes, they are all scarves/wraps. Some are wider/longer than others. The dimensions are listed on each one in the shop. I adore your latest painting! So luscious! Yes, we are both color gals! I hope you and yours are all doing well these days!

  2. Chris Kelsey says:

    I signed up for your newsletter because my dear friend Jennifer has found such joy in the knitting circle. She sent me one of the newsletters, and the colors whispered in my ear, “More! more!” I enjoy every issue. Thank you for making the world more beautiful!

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