Coffee Spin

While the coffee brews, I pick up my spindle with the delightful pink wool and I spin to the music of gurgles and drips. I don’t know why I do this. I am enthralled by the swirl of color and fluff, sparkle and texture, flowing through my hands. I grin at twirling a yo-yo-like wooden toy and at the feel of twist growing up into the fibers, strengthening as it goes, until my left hand registers the “full” feeling.

As I wind the yarn onto the shaft, I marvel at the various colors and textures of fibers I had previously blended into rolags. It’s a symphony of individual parts coming together into a lovely whole, eventually useful, yet in and of itself it is a thing of beauty.

I receive this thought as encouragement for my life which is also filled with many varied and seemingly incongruous bits. As I spin, I take to heart that it is all twisting into a beautiful whole…strong and useful.

Marisol with recently plied yarns.💖

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10 thoughts on “Coffee Spin

  1. nancy faris says:

    Thank you for your delightful posts.. I love opening my e-mail and see a post from you..
    Stay healthy. Nancy

  2. Nancy J Nicholson says:

    I’m enthralled with your spinning and think your yarns are lovely. And I agree, life is what we spin it, and sometimes it spins out of control. It’s only in hindsight that we see the lovely fabric that’s been created. Thanks for sharing.

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