p10100312Here’s the final version of a recent commissioned portrait.  There are aspects of commission work that are exciting and enjoyable.  And there are also aspects that can be disconcerting.  My enthusiasm with such a delightful/lovely subject to paint can be dampened by wondering whether the person who has commissioned me will like my use of colors in the skin and hair, or will appreciate a vignette approach instead of a cover-the-entire-paper approach, or whether I’m capturing the personality of the person/child I’m painting, etc. etc.  Typically, I would have a “meeting” with the individual to discuss some of these details, but working long-distance makes this difficult.  I plan to be more fully prepared the next time I go out of town to offer my portrait work.  All in all however, this was an enjoyable process.  The gentleman was delighted at the resulting portrait of his granddaughter.  What makes commissioned art work even more appealing is that the only folks who need be satisfied are myself and the person commissioning me.  There is no need to fret over the arbitrary requirements of some exhibit “judge”.  I am free to work hard at making a well-observed and aesthetically pleasing portrait for the one commissioning the piece.  Thus far, this has worked out well in every opportunity I’ve had to paint/draw portraits for others.  I consider it a privilege when creating a portrait for commission.

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