Completely Succumbed


It’s entirely the fault of our snow day today! At least, I’m blaming it on that. It’s actually been coming on for a week or so now. All my efforts at being single minded in my creative ventures, all my talk about being focused and present on only ONE creative project at a time, has completely flown OUT the window and beyond the horizon along with the rain/snow/thunder storm that blew through yesterday. It left behind a beautiful icy snow, no school, a day to walk and play outside with my youngest, and a lap full of more yarn than I can hold! Such fun!


I just know you’re wondering what I’m working on! Hee hee! First up, but not necessarily in order of having started them, is a wonderful FREE pattern by Susan B. Anderson, a favorite designer.  It’s a marvelous leaf pattern you can make into a scarf or a bookmark depending on the thickness of yarn you use. I have plans for this beyond a scarf or bookmark…I’ll show you in time. (Please notice that phrase “in time”. This is an open-ended choice of words meant to be vague, as I myself have no clue whether I will finish this project next week or next year!)


Another lace-type pattern I’m working on is this little scarf from the book Knitting Little Luxuries. I love the patterns in this book! Very feminine and princessy. I started this pattern at least two years ago and got about half way through. I had even made the flower broach for the scarf. All that’s needed is a bit of pattern following for the remainder of the scarf. This is not a typical pattern for me…I tend not to like having to follow a detailed chart or instructions. The great thing about this book is that it writes out each line of the chart in regular knitting vocabulary. It’s really cool to see the pattern emerge from your fingers.


Next is what I’m calling my Gray Dayz afghan. This one truly may take a year to complete, but I love the yarn, Sheepish, and it’s awesome colors. We have had so many gray days around these parts, that it has reminded me of how colors appear so vibrant when surrounded by gray. So each striped, round, polka dot will be encased in gray. It’ll be striking when it’s all put together…I hope. 😉 Free pattern here!


And as if that isn’t enough, I took myself to one of my favorite yarn shops yesterday, to get some sock yarn! Of course! Instead of stocking up on milk and bread for the winter storm, I. must. have. YARN! Martha and Shirley, the owners of Knit One Smock Too are wonderful guides for exactly what you need for knitting socks, or anything else for that matter.


And I’m still working on Brown Sweater. Gracious! I really have done it this time! I fear I may need to wave my white surrender flag buried under all this yarn!!!!  Rest assured, I’ll be inside the mound of yarn giggling and knitting all the while. :0

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