One of the many things I enjoy about teaching drawing is that I get to jaw about it to a captive audience, who is, at least to some degree, interested in what I may have to say on the subject.  I began waxing poetic about the virtues of drawing to some fine folks at Iggy’s Art Supply yesterday for the first of 6 classes on drawing.  After exploring a multitude of materials available to us to draw with, we plunged right into contour drawing–one of my favorites! (Though I will say this every time I talk about a different aspect or approach to drawing:  gesture drawing; mass/modeled drawing; light & shadow pattern drawing; shape drawing, etc.)  There are even several ways to approach contour drawing: blind contour, quick contour, and continuous line contour, to name a few.  I enjoy them all.

I draw a lot.  Taking my sketch journal and pens wherever I go affords many opportunities to explore line–either at the park with my kids, at my son’s soccer practices, at sketch group on Mondays here in K’ville, or even at life drawing groups.  It’s a wonderful way to be “present” in my life, to slow down a bit and enjoy the people and places I encounter, to fully inhabit the world I live in and to celebrate even the simplest of things like someone reading a book at an outdoor cafe.  I am a bit evangelistic about all this drawing stuff…you really should try it!!

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