Cotton Ease

Here are two projects I recently finished. They are both made with Lion Brand’s Cotton Ease, a 50/50 cotton/acrylic yarn the company came out with this spring. It feels wonderful, yet has a sturdiness perfect for blankets, baby and children’s clothes, adult sweaters too! The color options are lovely as well…a bit on the muted side, no bold, bright colors. Nevertheless the colors are rich and warm, and coordinate well together. The stripy throw (violet,lime,maize,white, and taupe)is a pattern from Erika Knight’s wonderful book Simple Crochet. The fabulous photographs make me want to create every one of the home projects…some day! I just can’t crochet fast enough to make everything I want to! The other striped blanket is for a baby car seat (notice the slit in the blanket for the buckle to go through) and has a matching hat! This oh so cute pattern is in my all-time fave crochet book, the Happy Hooker. I chose the colors for my sister who is expecting her third child, a girl this time, in September. My sister LOVES muted, warm neutrals and I threw in the terracotta color which I think she will like as well. I can’t wait to see my new niece wrapped up in this. My sister should be able to wash it and wash it and hopefully it will hold up well. I discovered a way to carry my yarn up the side of striped work while I was making the baby blanket. I wish I had done this for the bigger throw, but c’est la vie! Instead of cutting the yarn and tying off every time I switched colors, I let the old yarn dangle, crocheted two rows with the new color until I got back to the edge with the old one dangling. Then I pulled up the old color and did one chain with both colors together, dropped the old yarn again, continuing with the new yarn for however many rows, and kept doing this until I needed the old yarn for crocheting again. I hate to cut my yarn and tie in the loose ends, not only because of the extra work, but also because they have a nasty habit of wiggling their way out again and looking awful! This worked well for the small blanket…I’ll just HAVE to make another large one to see if it works for larger stripes as well.:)

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