Could It Be?


Could it be, in these small un-arted hours, beauty is wrought?

Could it be, in dishes and diapers, laundry and lunches, heaven is laid out?

Could it be, in lack and leanness, provision is lavished?

Could it be, in faces – not fancies – that fullness is found?

Could it be, as I embrace the small, my life is enlarged?

Could it be, that ART is happening even when I’m not making it?

Could it be, in all I feel as futile, God is fashioning beauty?

Could it be, the big life I long for is found in the little life I live?

Could it be, the constraints of time and money, unleash creativity?

Could it be, the pain of not making is simply the longing to be near Thee?

Could it be, this passion that seems to leak out a sieve, is actually being sifted, refined, made pure?

Could it be, even if I had all the time, energy, and provision to do my art, to live the big life I long for, that it would not be enough to satisfy or reach said big life and big art?

Could it be, that in me – a common vessel – resides eternity?

Could it be, that this side of heaven, I’m to weave my little thread, even if it’s the same thread as yesterday, or a new one I find along the way?

Could it be, my daily work is to draw a line from everyday things to eternity and back again.

Could it be, that contained in my insignificant, small life, the realms of heaven abide and He lives in grace and truth abounding?

Could it be, that the King of all nations would be born in a barn and sleep in a trough?

Could it be, that the Master Artist comes to create in humble, insignificant lives?

Could it be, the grandest art is made on the littlest scale?

Could it be, that True Beauty is wrought in lack, insignificance, and tedium?

Could it be I have it all wrong – instead of this life being about ME being able to do my art and thereby live my BIG life…that it is rather about CHRIST, the high and holy one, coming to live BIG in my humble and insignificant life?

Could it be, that my insignificant life is transformed into a magnificent one through the humblest of events – a babe in a manger, Emmanuel, God with us.


Retuning my heart this day after Christmas, weary from so much merry-making, wondering where the Beauty is, reclaiming what is true and good. May your days after Christmas be magnificently insignificant as the babe weaves His love into your life.

Artfully yours,


6 thoughts on “Could It Be?

  1. Cheryl Wright says:

    Oh Jennifer, Jennifer, Jennifer, I’m speechless in wonder at the questions you ask and my heart flutters knowing that YES is the only obvious answer to each of them.

    Thank you for voicing many of the questions that swim in my head sometimes. Maybe I should ask them more often and reply with a resounding YES and with hands uplifted in praise and thankgiving to my Heavenly Father.

    • Jennifer Edwards says:

      Cheryl, I am so glad to know a kindred spirit who wrestles with these questions also. I keep coming round to them over and over as an artist and maker. Thank you for listening (reading) my humble thoughts. Keep making and being creative in whatever ways delight you, for in this we find His delight in us! -Jennifer

  2. Ellen says:

    I am spending the morning resting, reading “An Artful Life Primer” which I received for Christmas, and mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically regrouping after the wonderful, but exhausting days of Christmas. There is so much work in creating a loving, memorable celebration of Christ’s birth. There is also a lot of work in processing, resting, and forgiving in the aftermath of the celebrating. Thank you for reminding me that I am not alone in feeling this way.

    • Jennifer Edwards says:

      Ellen, I am so glad you took the time to leave a comment here. It is wonderful to know that others engage with these questions/issues as well! I’m so glad you have a copy of An Artful Life Primer! thank you! You are right when you say it requires a great amount of creativity to even do the celebrating of Christ’s birth honorably and well. But sometimes I wonder if we over do it. I’m pondering this week lots of ways to slow down in 2017 and that may include some of my creative endeavors as well as next year’s holiday celebration. We shall see! Thank you again for being here! -Jennifer

  3. ellen kelley says:

    Another Ellen here. I am not sure how I found you, but I am so glad and thank God. I am not an artist by any means. I am an old lady in most people’s eyes who has had such struggles in the last year with crushed vertebraes due to osteoporosis. There have been blessings here for me…searching for God and reading this lovely post of yours.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I truly mean that and give thanks for finding this place of yours which is filled with such heart and beauty.

    • Jennifer Edwards says:

      Hello Ellen! I am so sorry you are having to go through so much right now. Dealing with health struggles can be so challenging and discouraging. My prayer is that you will know the presence of our Father and Healer very near and dear to you during this time. You might enjoy taking up a little craft of some kind to bring a bit of color and beauty to your days. Perhaps sketch or color in those lovely coloring books. Maybe weave or crochet with yarn. Something simple goes a long way in our healing process. I know this firsthand as I battled ulcerative colitis and lost my colon three years ago. All God’s blessings to you Ellen. Thank you for commenting here. Have lovely day! -Jennifer

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