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This is me, lately!  Leaping from crag to crag, idea to idea, project to project.  With the arrival of snow, I declared yesterday, “A Making Day”…and it looks like today will be that also.  It was delightful: whirling from lime green knitted sweater, to crocheted hexagons and owls (pattern for latter forthcoming:), to sketching, to pattern writing, to ideas for some fun fabrics…to…oh my, what’s a girl to do?  Of course, interwoven in the midst of leaping was also laundry, shot-giving, breakfast/lunch/dinner-making, etc.  But all in all, it was a lovely day of crag2crag leaping!

Julia Cameron speaks of this in her books on creativity.  She probably mentions it more than once, but here’s what she says in her book Walking in this World (my favorite that I read over and over):  “The creative imagination leaps crag to crag and does not chug up the mountain like an automated chairlift.  If we treat the creative self like a young and curious animal, we will get the right idea.  A young animal pokes its curious nose here and there.  Our creative animal must be allowed the same freedom.” (pg. 80)

I’m not sure I feel like an animal, but more like a kid:  going from markers, to doll-making, to clay, to dancing, to…oh goodness, there’s just so much I want to/love to make!!  Julia says elsewhere in that book, “The truth is that as children,…We had dreams and desires and inklings of delight and full-blown passions.  We practiced ballet in the living room, we sang wildly, we loved the goo of finger painting.  We loved, period–and love is a passionate and energizing force…Instead of chiding ourselves or allowing ourselves to be chided into an “adult” solemnity, we must regain our right to be goofy, earthy, even silly.” (pg. 97)

So here are each of the crags I’ve been leaping to and from lately:  *my favorite color (lime green) in an inexpensive yarn to make a knitted, knock-around-the-house sweater, oversized, big & bulky.  It is near finished…I might finish it today:)  *Hexagons, made according to Lucy’s tutorial, in Bernat Cotton Tots yarn.  I had a bunch of this sitting around and I’m dreaming of spring and the colors of spring.  Perhaps it will be a baby blanket, perhaps larger…no need to have an end in sight…just enjoying making these shapes. *Owls…oh, my these owls.  I’ve made four of them thus far, with other variations as well.  I’ll have a pattern up for these soon–they are SO cute, SO easy to make!  *The fabrics (intended to line my basket and for birds:) under the owl, I found at Hobby Lobby in High Point.  I went last week for the first time, and it is now a favorite haunt for all things crafty!!  They even have their own line of yarns which are just begging me to make them into something.  Well, I have to finish some things first before that 🙂 *In the square pottery vessel (I made a while back with my potter friends in Reidsville), are various buttons, brads, and clasps which are just waiting for things I plan to make soon.  Of course, I’ll share…

I’d just love for you to join me leaping from crag 2 crag!

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  1. nancy t says:

    LOL – I can so relate to all the different wonderful things there are to do, try, and yes, finish … like the sweater I started last year and am almost finished with, but haven’t worked on for awhile because I’ve been drawing, painting, collaging, … well, you get the idea! Love the little painting -it’s so joyful. nancy

  2. Pat says:

    So much to do, so little time. I love your watercolor. I also jump from project to project while having to slap down the guilt monster that has my mother’s voice. “Do your work before you play”. I am happy to join you leaping from crag 2 crag.

  3. ellen says:

    Oh, I need to read this book! So often I feel this way; especially when my creative time is crowded with other things and even precious. Funny, that seems the time I should focus even more…..

  4. Dan Kent says:

    Very inspirational! I do feel that when I started sketching and painting again after decades, I tapped into a piece of my soul that had been neglected and ill-nourished, and that I have returned to what I knew all along as a child was me, me, me! I love your hexagons – my grandmother used to make something similar, so all kinds of warm memories flood back when I see it.

  5. Raena says:

    Oh dear, I do this so much! Only, I think mine is more a running from rather than a running to! Does that make sense? If I go to focus on watercolor, suddenly all I can do is sketch! Great page, I love your illo! And that green is one of my favorites!

  6. Janene says:

    The watercolor is delightful! The bright colors and whimsical figure express your theme well, along with the color splashed “outside the lines”. I love the blanket as well–makes me yearn for spring.

  7. Everlasting says:

    Comme c’est joli! Beautiful watercolor and all this colors in your crochet. Full of sun and joy. I love it! Each time I come to see your blog: I smile! Your creativité make me happy.:)
    Thank you, merci beaucoup You make my day (ANd I need it today!)

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