Crepe Myrtle “Hips”

The willowy myrtle that graces the front of our house, drops “hips” every year as the flowers fade and fall.  This is the first year I actually took notice of them, and fell in love with their delicate and fanciful shape. The tiny hair-like fronds that curl around the central bulb are so full of whimsy!

It is perhaps a blessing, perhaps a curse, that I am compelled to re-create the little lovelies I see.  My brain runs through various options for how to “express” it’s loveliness…is it in line? in color? both? is it pastel? is it watercolor? would it be large or small? on paper or canvas? perhaps even translated into yarn,knitted or crocheted, or both!  Oh me…

Here are first attempts…the black & white version of pencil and various fine liner pens.  And, since I can’t seem to go without color these days, the above color version is my favorite.  I’m thinking I just might pick up my knitting needles and try to make one…

0 thoughts on “Crepe Myrtle “Hips”

  1. Connie Cohn says:

    So cool — and pretty! I’ve just discovered crapemyrtle bark myself – it’s fascinating too, but not nearly as reproducible.

  2. clare says:

    Very lovely, your paintings always fill me with inspiration.
    I have been watching my Myrtle donning her Spring wardrobe of cute little buds! Can’t wait for her full on Summer fashion parade.

  3. raenassketchbook says:

    Just catching up around here and is your work ever a sight for sore (starved) eyes! Maybe I wouldn’t have gone through such a dry spell had I not stopped looking at blogs! Beautiful…love, love, love your colors!

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