*Crochet Your Heart!


(Last year’s Valentine’s Card. I’m working on this year’s!:)


I think I might like Valentine’s Day even more than Christmas. Well no…maybe it’s a tie. What I like is that Valentine’s is simple. Or can be. Just a little gift to let someone know you “heart” them. And of course, the chocolate is pretty cool too! crochetheartpin Last year I designed this CROCHET HEART as I was wanting to teach a friend how to make a simple one. I searched the web for one I liked and couldn’t find just the right shape or find it simple enough for a beginning crocheter. So I designed this one, made several into pins last year, and have been wearing mine each day here lately. Feel free to use this little pattern (click on the link above) and share it with friends. Fronts&Backs

(Ugh. the color is ghastly here! So sorry!)

To make the pin, you simply crochet the heart using my pattern here, then single crochet around the edge with something sparkly. Add a pin back and a button or decorative brad to the center. Et Voila! But there are so many other things you could do with this pattern!! Since I may not have time to make all of these, I drew them for you! Working with various sizes of yarns and hooks, you can make this heart large or small!! So, big yarn and big hook = big heart! Small yarn and small hook = small heart! Garland&Flowers Small hearts make for great pins, attachments to cards and gift wrap, and even a lovely heart garland for your window or mantel. You could also make some heart “flowers”, hot gluing them to a stick and placing them down in a pot.:) HeartPurse Bigger hearts can be made into sachets and purses for little girls. Simply crochet TWO of them and stitch them together. For the purse, stitch it up only around the sides and bottom, leaving the top humps of the heart open. Crochet a chain as a handle onto the little purse, or just sew a ribbon on. You can even decorate it with buttons or beads if you like! heartSachet For the sachet,  just prior to sewing up the entire seam around the edge, stuff it with stuffing that has been spritzed with your favorite perfume or scent. Place one in a drawer to scent your clothing. Hang one from a clothes hanger for freshening the closet! Pin&Wands   Ooooh…and I saw on one of my favorite crochet blogs, Tangled Happy, a Crochet Heart Wand made with two hearts, stuffed a bit, with a sparkly pencil for the stick!! Add a few ribbons and what a cute valentine gift for a girl! IMG_3782 I also found online a wonderful pattern for KNITTING a heart! I was so tickled to see it was from a favorite blog I follow, called The Sitting Tree. Do check out her blog with a cup of tea in hand. You’ll enjoy every minute there! All of the above ideas could be made with these knitted hearts! I’m sure there is much much more you could do with them… CrochetYourHeart …Leave YOUR ideas in the comment section so we can all benefit! And HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!

9 thoughts on “*Crochet Your Heart!

  1. freebirdsings says:

    Cute ideas. I really like the idea of the pins and banner. Pins might be too heavy for my thin T-shirts but a banner wouldn’t be too heavy to hang somewhere!

  2. The Twisted Yarn says:

    The shape of your crocheted hearts is indeed much prettier than most of the other patterns out there. I guess I need to start thinking about something to make before the 14th… Thank you for the inspiration.

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