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**You will need a cup of tea and a comfy chair to fully enjoy this post. Sometimes I think I need to podcast rather than blog, when I have so much to share! Just sit back and relax while you enjoy the color, stories and links here. 🙂

Several years ago, in a knitting class I was teaching, one of the ladies was crocheting a blanket and told me that she believed hand made blankets had healing properties. Her name was Nita, a lovely, vibrant and interesting woman whom I enjoyed from the moment I met her.

EverlastGobstopperInprogress Every blanket I have crocheted since then, I have thought of her. Every time I’ve put one of my crocheted blankets, over one of my children home from school sick, I have thought of her. And recently, as I crocheted a new Ripple Blanket for my recuperation from surgery, I think of her.

It has been well documented that the act of creativity is a healing endeavor. I absolutely love this short video put out by the Foundation for Art & Healing. Do take a few minutes to enjoy this!


But I do think Nita is on to something…that the healing properties continue on long after the blanket has been made, to wrap individuals in comforting goodness, to warm them, calm them, and in so doing, to allow healing to occur.


I began this blanket just before my surgery in early December. I had numerous colors already in my stash and I just added a few others. I chose a simple Ripple pattern, the perfect one being Lucy’s, of the wonderful Attic 24 blog. I wanted something I could easily keep in my head, making the process simple, not requiring a lot of brain power, but allowing maximum “flow”. Perfect for after-surgery days.

And perfect it has been. I really can’t believe it is finished. I almost wish it could keep on going as I am not quite at full speed yet. But now I get to enjoy it on my lap as I watch movies, knitting socks and my Hitchhiker Shawl, drawing in my sketchbook and hanging out with family in the living room.

BigEverlastGobstopper I didn’t realize how large I was making this thing. Just today I draped it over our queen size bed and it reached to the edges and all the way up, just what I wanted so it would cover a person generously!

As I crocheted, I decided to place the rich chocolate brown after every eight colors, but to let those other colors be quite random. These are all acrylic yarns in various brands, chosen purely for their color. I used a size I hook as many of the yarns were more like aran weight, slightly heftier than worsted weight.


I know that I and my family will enjoy this blanket for years to come. I have so many memories wrapped up in this blanket: crocheting by the Christmas Tree, watching Hallmark movies, laughing with my kids, Christmas Day and New Years…so many good memories in each stitch.

EverlastGobstopperEdges Even the colors somehow say “Holiday” to me. One of the many movies we watched over the holidays was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I have now named this blanket “The Everlasting Gobstopper”, after the bright multi-colored candy by this name in the movie. I love naming my knit and crochet projects. Why is that? Perhaps it’s like naming paintings. Indeed, each yarn project is like a painting itself…colors woven to create an overall image…just one that you wear or use to keep warm. I like that, don’t you?

12 thoughts on “Crochet2Heal :: Ripple Blanket

  1. azalea1468 says:

    Beautiful post and work – I am also working on an Attic24 ripple and posted a blog including it at a very similar time to yours. Small world! I hope you are recouperating well.

  2. Sharon Mann says:

    Beautiful work Jennifer. I love crocheted blankets, they are healing. Yours us so colorful it can only make you happy. The video was awesome.

  3. Suzanne Cabrera says:

    Sign me up for the podcast 🙂 I adore this blanket…and the story along with it.

    ALSO, thank you so much for your kind words on my blog and the prayers you’ve been sending my way. It is sincerely appreciated. Here’s hoping this spring affords us with some time to meet up and chat.

  4. freebirdsings says:

    I’m itching to dive into this project but telling myself no for now as I am still knitting one and need to work on my socks although I need to find a needle (I am afraid its lost) but I think I have another one somewhere and its time I got busy on my old projects. This afghan just looks so happy…..

    • jenpedwards says:

      Thanks so much timaree!! I know what you mean! I really have to focus on jist one thing at a time even though I have numerous starts! It can be maddening! When I finished this, i wanted so badly to stsrt another but am holding off so i can finish other things!! Thanks for being such a good creative friend!

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