Cupcake Mania!


The first cupcake design I created was for a gift…to be given to a dear friend on her birthday last spring.  This friend is now my trusty pattern tester and all-around huge-help in the creating of my new online pattern shop.  Ellen is a fantastic person, knitter, crocheter, lawyer, baker, friend, and wife to Steve.  At the time I gave her this cupcake, Ellen's CupcakeI had no idea that the other gals in my crochet workshop at LYS, Knit One Smock Too, would like it so much.  Due to their encouragement, I typed up the crochet pattern and taught them the ins and outs of making one of these fun cupcakes.

I had seen other cupcakes around…knitted ones, crocheted ones, but had not seen one with a candle, nor using multiple yarns for icing.  I spent a whole week making one cupcake after the other using all different textures and colors of yarns for the icing.  I loved making different sizes and coordinating the candle with the rest of the cupcake!  The knitted candle worked out perfectly, but my pattern also offers a crocheted version for those who want to crochet it. I’ve now given a cupcake to numerous friends on their birthdays and to a few children.  The adults seem to like it as well as the kids do, so it really doesn’t matter what age we are–we all love to be celebrated!

cupcakes!The most happy part about being an artist/crafter is GIVING.  It is so gratifying to give something one has made.  Every stitch, or stroke of the brush, has bound up in it a good measure of thoughts and wishes for the recipient. Affection, friendship, and kindness (lofty and ethereal concepts) get translated into something concrete and tangible.  That’s what it’s all about: letting someone know we think of them and celebrate them!

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  1. Tammy says:

    So very true – giving makes room for more and gives warm fuzzies all around. You make the best cupcakes around – snowball, coconut, sprinkles! Love the painting also!

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