I’ve been using the photos I took from a recent trip to the Ciener Botanical Gardens, to create some little drawings/paintings. The crazy thing about tulips is the vast variety of them! Round and bowl-like, spiky and sharp, lots o’ petals, few petals, etc. This one caught my eye with it’s pointed petals and lovely color pattern…standing out amongst the crowd.

I’ve always felt like the phrase, “Dare to Be Different”, meant that I needed to go and change who I am, do things I wouldn’t normally do, etc. But this tulip made me think that the ultimate in “being different” is to simply be who you were made to be. Sometimes we expend so much energy trying to be what we are not! Certainly it’s good to try new things, to go on adventures, to be daring! But our “differentness” is actually found in being who we were made to be…whether that’s round and bowl-like, spiky and sharp, lots o’ petals or few……;)

May your day be one in which you “Dare to be Yourself!”

**Brian Rutenberg’s most recent Studio Visit 29 speaks to this in the later section of the video. Pretty cool stuff…you’ll enjoy! (Click on the highlighted words:)

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  1. Timaree freebirdsings says:

    Great post. It is so true that to be different we just have to be ourselves. We tend to smugly chuckle at teenagers who use the same words or wear the same styles making themselves all the same while trying to be so different but I think we all do this. We are so afraid of not being liked if we are just ourselves. Hmm, now what flower do I resemble – the when I am not afraid of being just Lil ol’ me?

  2. Mari says:

    So true, we all should only be what we’re “our self”… reminds me of one of my favourite qoutes by Dr Seuss “Why fit in when you were born to stand out”

    I also went to see tulips (Ottawa tulip festival) and like every year Im always so surprised with not only how beautiful they are, but also how ever so different and unique from each other they are.
    Lovely painting!!!

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