Day’s End

Here’s a little sketch of Genevieve at the end of a very long day.  Slippers, a pillow, and some moonlight are just what the doctor ordered! Hey, I think she’s wearing slippers just like mine!

0 thoughts on “Day’s End

    • jenpedwards says:

      Hi Timaree! The brown of her hair kept bleeding into the magenta slippers…grrrr! The absorbent nature of the Handbook Journal made it impossible to lift it out. C’est la vie! Thanks for visiting and commenting!

  1. Deborah Lowe says:

    What an awesome character you’ve created. She looks so content and peaceful and her feet appear to be very warm. I love the way you’ve drawn her arms and her little hands supporting her peaceful face. I would love to be able to draw people like this without looking at anything. How DO you do it!?

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