Days like Today


Dark, dreary, 40 degrees and raining…perhaps days like today are when I need color the most.  Especially in winter when the trees are bare and the only hint of color is any green that might be hanging on for dear life in the grass.  Splooshing color around on the page is a bit like taking vitamin D for seasonal affective disorder.  I’m also crocheting a vest (you’ll be able to make it too as soon as I write the pattern:) out of some glorious Noro yarn…luscious colors running through my fingers as my eyes feast on it.  I’ve always felt that those who make that line of yarns (Noro) must be artists…every colorway is a painting in itself.  If you’re feeling the dark and dreary fingers of winter trying to wrap themselves around your head… grab your paints, your yarns, your colorful fabrics, and MAKE something!  It really will help!


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