Dejà Vu!

As I drew the beautiful fountain in the center of the Factory Courtyard, downtown Kernersville, I was struck by a sense of dejà vu! I had been there before drawing this very fountain!  Sure enough, I later found in a sketchbook from 3 years ago, several drawings made right here, one of the fountain and others made of surrounding views.  The Factory was newly renovated and this fountain had no flora or fauna to grace it.  Just a wonderful structure to try to draw.

You see, I had made an attempt then, to draw with others in my town.  I think we may have met for about two months, judging by the drawings’ dates.  Funny, to think back on the folks who joined us then.  Life, for me, has a way of interrupting these types of regular meetings.

I do so hope I can continue drawing downtown even through the summer.  May is always crazy busy with end of school year stuff going on! The key is not to get discouraged when I can’t make it a week or so.  Thus far, I’ve been able to push away the clamoring dishes, laundry, grocery shopping, etc. that taps on my shoulder every day, and JUST GO DRAW for a morning.  And I don’t think my family is feeling the slight; or if they are, they haven’t said anything about it. 😉

0 thoughts on “Dejà Vu!

  1. freebirdsings says:

    I have to say, I love the new, colorful drawing so much more. It has so much more personality. Interesting though that you realized you drew it before.

    • pockettrikeed says:

      Can creation moments ever truly be forgotten. The actor uses sense and emotion memory to create a fully realized character. This memory is trained by mental and emotion memory observation exercises much like daily sketching

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