Sometimes you make things just for the delight of the colors, or the feel of the yarn, or to learn new stitches. Genevieve is modeling some things I recently finished that are examples of this. The tunic-tank top is a pattern from the book Hip to Crochet with my own embellishment of the bottom border, and a cool idea of my mom’s (she was making one for herself) to add a button to the back. But it was the color of the yarn I loved. I knew it would not be the very best color on me, but I just love coral, orange, and yellow…as my son put it: it’s so bright and sunny! The scarf… I actually started it two years ago…I worked the luscious Rowan All-Seasons Cotton in basket weave for a while, stuffed it away for months, took back up again with a large rib stitch and a few changes in colors for stripes, put it away again, and then finished up with a variation of seed stitch, but it needed something else, so I taught myself how to “ruffle” on both ends using different colors…delightful. Some things I make are already set in my mind before I even begin, while others become what they are while in process and I really don’t have a clue as to the finished product. I enjoy working both ways. Sometimes though, the latter is more fun. Perhaps the delight is enhanced by NOT knowing or being sure that your project will turn out ok, or be as cute as it is.

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