*Di-Vine Yoga/Dance Socks!


Knitting and Yoga have a lot in common:

*Both are meditative practices.

*Both employ repetition to create something beautiful.

*Both require an “over-the-long-haul” mindset.  Though they are both enjoyable to participate in on a one-time basis, you really don’t see results until you’ve practiced it over and over for a long time.


So I thought it fitting to design some knitted socks for wearing while you practice yoga or take a dance class. Actually, I had just finished a pair of yoga socks that tooooookkkkkk mmmmeeeeeeee fffoooooorrrrrrreeeeeeevvvvvvveeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrr to finish, and I wanted something that could be made quickly, yet still be warm, comfortable, and pretty.  I made sure that the foot area wasn’t too long, so your feet can still grab your yoga mat in Down Dog and other poses.

Tree pose is one of my favorite poses in yoga. This gave me the idea for the vine…a picture of something wonderful growing out of your knitting and/or yoga practice.  I hope you enjoy the pattern.  Using double pointed needles, you simply knit, purl, cast on, bind off.  And of course, a little chain stitch to add the leafy vine!  My pattern includes a drawing of the vine for you to follow, or you can do your own thing!



**Please visit  my Etsy shop to purchase this pattern!

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