I’ve been thinking about several of the Pixar movies of late.  Having recently viewed Up! and Walle, I realize that all of their movies (and perhaps every movie ever made) deals with characters who have an inner directive.  The storyline of these movies is the unfolding of how that character (or characters) seeks to follow their directive and the challenges and difficulties they face in doing so.

After watching Walle, this image popped into my mind.  I feel very much like Eva, whose directive is to find “Life”, evidence of some kind, no matter how small or feeble, of a living plant…an indication that Life could be sustained.  She is a Hope-seeker.  Whenever she gets anywhere close to this Life, her inner directive takes over whatever she’s doing and propels her to fulfill what she was created for. Even when love for another seems to take over that directive near the end of the movie, it is that love for Walle and his insistence that she continue the course, which fuel her directive.

I won’t go into all the beautiful ways this has been working itself out in my own life.  Suffice it to say that I’m experiencing great amounts of guidance in my own directive to seek out and to draw and paint Life in all its many forms.  If there were a beeping noise in my life that gets faster as I get closer to understanding and following my directive, then the beeps would be getting faster and louder right now.

One thing I know about myself, is that I am also VERY MUCH like Doug, the dog in Up!  It doesn’t take much for me, in the midst of following my directive, to veer off shouting, “Squirrel!!”  Sometimes this lasts only a moment.  Other times the squirrel chase can last weeks, months, years.  I’m in a spot where I’d like to resist the squirrels, and stay on course, painting and drawing Life’s Beauty.

I’ll be making a few small, subtle, yet significant-to-me changes.  You, my dear friend and reader here on Drawn2Life, may or may not notice them.  I will continue to share with you my “little green plants”…places where I’ve found such exquisite Life-  in other’s faces, in the places I go, in my humble surroundings.

Thank you.  Thank you for visiting here so faithfully to view these “little green plants”!

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