Draw (and Knit) in Public


At the beginning of May, I sat drawing with other artist friends at the Ciener Botanical Gardens here in downtown Kernersville. This is our favorite spot in the warmer months for our Friday morning drawing sessions. In the winter we move indoors to the wonderful Eclection shop downtown. Below is one of the last drawings I made at Eclection before the weather warmed up. Though it is an indoor space, it is full of color, an artist’s heaven!!


Our “view” at the Gardens is vastly different, though no less colorful! There were several of us, in early May, enjoying the morning with our sketchbooks, and one with her yarn. It was a perfect morning… weather, friendship and creativity! One of us discovered while we were there, that it was National Public Gardens Day! What a perfect way to honor National Public Gardens Day–by drawing in a garden!


Another big day is coming up this Saturday! It is known as the World Wide Knit in Public Day. I’m not sure that I’m yet up for being out in public for a length of time, but rest assured I will be honoring this day by knitting…perhaps out on our back deck! Not quite “Public”, but it will have to do. 🙂


How do you plan to honor World Wide Knit in Public Day? Have you organized an event? Are you going to attend one? Or will you take your yarn to a Starbucks or outdoor cafe to knit or crochet? Sounds lovely, doesn’t it?


Perhaps next year, I’ll look for something local or organize something here in our area for World Wide Knit in Public Day. I absolutely love our weekly “Draw in Public Days” and I look forward to returning in a few weeks on a Friday to draw at the Gardens!

5 thoughts on “Draw (and Knit) in Public

  1. Carol Stafford says:

    I think both are great to do in public! They will serve as reminders to others to be creative and appreciate the beauty of simple pleasures.

  2. freebirdsings says:

    Lovely painting. Hope you can get back there again before summer is gone. At least you have a plan for winter! I didn’t know about the Knit in Public Day. I will see whether I get out or not. Usually we stick pretty much to home so it may be a back yard thing for me. Glad you are feeling good enough to post!

  3. Elizabeth Marley says:

    Hi!! I am catching up on a few posts, and was delighted to hear your adventure in Chapel Hill is over and your home. I was also surprised to hear there was a knit in public day!!! I looked back at the calendar and realized I had spent the entire weekend in Charlotte at Logans hockey tournament that weekend. Not sure if you remember or not but I do need the comfort and warmth of a good project, for many reasons!! However, I was crocheting, think the knitters would still be happy? Oh I get lots of inquiries and comments by young and old a like when I am doing it. I don’t think they should mind that I wasn’t knitting. Rest well and keep knitting.

    • jenpedwards says:

      I love it when folks about my knitting or crocheting! It’s a great way to meet folks. When I draw in public sometimes people stop to chat, sometimes not. I think they are afraid they’re disturbing me. It’s fun to share what you love to do with others! Hope your crochet project is going well Elizabeth!

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