Draw the Skies

Another whispering I hear often lately is “Draw the Skies”. In my desire to sit and ponder without something in my hands (knitting, stitching or otherwise) I marvel at the sky in its many splendors. On a few occasions I’ve had a sketchbook nearby. Most of the time I do not and so I’m left to try capturing the memory of what I saw .

Last night husband said to youngest and I, “Let’s go for a walk!” Yes please, and despite a temporary ache in my foot, we held our breath at the coral, peach and purple swath of expanse at the top of our neighborhood. This is the view I see from My Field, which is actually not mine. It belongs to Mr. Whicker, the 91 year old farmer whose house sits by the side of Silver Dapple Lane. (You can see more posts from this Field in the Category by that name.)

To attempt to paint with pastels or watercolor or any other medium what held me spellbound in silence is not an easy task,  nor one I ever feel I achieve. It is only a memory, a swath of colors that simulate what I saw and felt as I looked up. While I’m looking, I do take note of the colors, how they move across the sky and landscape, looking for where they smudge together and where they break, and seeing where the colors relate from ground to sky and sky to ground. I enjoy that process perhaps even more than I do the attempt to draw it. I often don’t want to walk away as I drink in the colors that surround me.

Listening for and following these inner nudges is a good thing for me…I feel grounded to home and have a greater pulse on the beauty that is right at my feet. Perhaps today you can listen for and act on an inner whispering to make something. Cast on for a new knit project in colors that inspire you. Or spin something luscious and colorful. Or maybe you too can observe the skies in all their changing majesty. Even gray ones hold an enchantment of their own. And draw it, paint it, from life, from memory or from photo.

Our inner whisperings are worth following…they add sparkle and depth to our everyday lives.

Artfully yours,


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