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I am an incredibly blessed artist! Truly I feel this is so not only because I get to spend each day drawing, painting, and making all sorts of things with yarn, but also because I have wonderful friends with whom I get to share these loves. As a companion to a recent post on my Knitterly Arts blog, I wanted to share the incredible joy I have in drawing weekly with a couple of dear friends. These gals have become my friends because we love to draw. I look forward to Fridays when we get together at a locale downtown Kernersville to sketch and draw in our books. There’s a lot of chatting and laughing while we do so, which probably makes our drawings all the better! And when we hunker down for the winter months at Eclection, we also sip tea as we draw the incredible surroundings there!


Danny Gregory recently posted a wonderful piece on his blog about getting together with others to draw. It truly will bring you much delight, inspiration, and motivation to keep drawing!! In my early years of making art, I did so without knowing others who did this also. Once I found groups with which to sketch or draw the figure, my abilities and passion for drawing increased ten-fold! It really doesn’t have to be formal at all! No need to hire a model if you don’t want to, just draw each other as you all draw! Or draw the couch, chair, landscape, whatever is right in front of you wherever you’ve chosen to be.

These friendships have been and are a blessing in my life beyond description. I hope you too can find a drawing buddy or two or three…

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  1. freebirdsings says:

    Nice sketches. I think a drawing group would be fun. I’ve tried to get my granddaughter’s to draw but not much success although one is taking art, especially acrylic painting in college. My sister who is too far away for casual drawing sessions has taken up art because her boyfriend likes to paint. She started right in with dogs and people and she does better than I do with those subjects. She didn’t know most people are afraid to jump into people right off the bat! Someday. Till then I enjoy my online classes and groups.

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