Drawing Adventures

I wake up each day and wonder what drawing adventures I will have. Some days I have in mind what I’d like to draw, and I purpose to take my sketchbook, chair and ink outside. For this adventure I needed to go no further than our yard, having seen the rhododendron blooming behind our back deck.

In Sketchbook. Ink bottle dropper, watercolor.

Some days I make plans to go on a drawing adventure, to a public garden in our area or to my friend Mary’s house where her gardens have irises blooming beautifully beside a white picket fence.

SOLD. Available for purchase. Ink bottle dropper, watercolor. 12″ x 9″

Other days I hear a tiny voice telling me to go draw this or that in our home. Like the other day when I had an inexplicable desire to sit in our tiny closet and draw my pile of shoes. What?? Hm. I could be off my rocker, but when the voice persists, I just go with it, following the muse to whatever adventure it might lead. As I draw shoes thrown on the floor higgledy piggledy, I begin to imbue them with colors I wish they were, instead of the drab brown or tan color they are. Only the tennis shoes are drawn with the colors they actually are. I leave my closet thinking what a fun adventure that was, and decide to revisit the closet for more drawing adventures! 😂

In sketchbook. Acrylic wash underpainting, markers, oil pastels.

And sometimes a drawing adventure falls right into my lap! Like today, as I sat casting on and knitting a few rounds of ribbing on a new pair of socks. My sketchbook eyes noticed the fabulous play of bright red, pink and orange of the yarn against the graphic black and white design of my pants. Too cool to let pass by without drawing it!

In sketchbook. Markers, oil pastels, watercolor.

Needless to say, drawing in my sketchbook has once again restored a sense of adventure… a feeling that even in the ordinary of life, adventure can be found. I seem to need pens and paints and a few oil pastels to see it as adventure. Somehow when I draw it, it takes on a bigger than life feel, and I enter into the rest of the day with anticipation and curiosity. Who knows when my next adventure will beg to be drawn? Or when a drawing will open my eyes to the adventure right under my nose.

P.S. I have a really neat drawing adventure coming up soon that I’ll tell you about in my next post. It has to do with a garden! But first…the adventure of folding laundry is next. I just might draw it! Haha!❤️

P.P.S. I now have a way to offer some of my favorite drawings and paintings! My ETSY shop for artwork has been re-opened and you can visit it here. Two paintings have already sold, and I’ll be adding more soon! Thank you for visiting!💖

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