Drawing from Life

Drawing from LifeThis is the BEST way to draw:

1. from life (as opposed to photos)

2. from your life (your experiences, people you know, etc. as opposed to drawing things or people you know nothing about or have no contact with).

I have been a part of drawing groups for many years…it is the best way to train your eye to see and your hand to record your unique vision. I used to be a part of a Saturday morning sketch group through Associated Artists of Winston-Salem. It was wonderful! Wonderful people, wonderful drawing time, everything. My life is now too full on Saturdays with family activities, but I try to find other groups to draw with in and around the area. I love this painting, titled Drawing from Life, because it is a painting of one my favorite things to do. The original sketch was made during one of those Saturday morning drawing sessions. All of us are drawing while trying to sit as upright as we can so others can draw us. Occasionally we would take turns posing for the rest of the group to give us practice at something other than a person engaged in drawing. I want to get something like this going in Kernersville. We had a small group meeting at Salem Kitchen Cafe this spring before a fire hit the business next door and has caused the Cafe to close:( So I hope we can start back up again this summer or early fall in a new location. If you are at all able to join or start a group like this–you will be much rewarded, both in your drawing skills and in meeting new friends who love to draw also.

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