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Another “baby step” to re-discovering my “job” or calling to draw my life and encourage others to do so as well, has been to join up with a drawing group again.  Ideally, my desire is to start one here in my town of Kernersville.  For many years, I drew with a group in the neighboring town of Winston-Salem, NC.  I lived there then, oh some ten years or so ago and drew with a Saturday morning group that met at a local art space.  This went on for a few years and then I joined a figure drawing group out in Clemmons for a couple of years, and then back to downtown Winston for another figure group.

I’ve always enjoyed getting together with others who love to draw.  But my favorite are the less formal drawing groups where we sit around drawing one another, sometimes taking a turn to model for each other, sometimes, we’re all just drawing whomever we want.  I have oodles of sketchbooks filled with people in various but familiar positions of drawing in a sketchbook.  Love that!

But when Maddie was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, I had to drop out of all of that.  The regular, weekly, commitment to drawing with a group became too sporadic as I was needed elsewhere.  Now I’m feeling I could possibly make 3 out of 4 weeks of any month, maybe more!  But Saturdays are just impossible with all the family/kid activities and happenings.  And, as incredible as it sounds, the very week I had my Aha! moment with Teresa, I received an email letting me know of a new group beginning on Tuesday mornings at an independent bookstore in Winston called Barnhill’s Bookstore!  So off I went and have now been able to go for three Tuesdays in a row!!!  It is a delightful space with lots of light streaming in the windows, beautiful artwork all around, and a terrific spot for several people to sit and draw each other.  IF ANY OF YOU WANT TO COME DRAW WITH US, PLEASE DO!!!!  Here’s the link to Barnhill’s website, complete with directions, etc.

AND…I’m starting a group in Kernersville as well, to draw our beautiful downtown area.  I told someone in the Winston group that they really should come over to K’ville to draw…that it’s like a little slice of France.  They looked at me piercingly and said, What?  Kernersville?  K’Vegas?  No way.  I said, WAY!  But I don’t think they will believe me until they come draw here.  Such lovely little spots downtown and all around…I can’t wait to show you drawings of my town…I think you’ll love it!

Well, til Friday then, for the third lesson in our Drawing Your Life Mini Lessons.  See ya then!  You might also like to find a group of folks who draw together…you will grow in your love for drawing by leaps and bounds!!

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  1. Alex Tan says:

    Couldn’t agree more =) But unfortunately I don’t have anyone to draw with me now. Maybe things will change in the future, and with us on the move all the time, I’d say the the best time is when we actually stop moving

  2. freebirdsings says:

    I enjoy seeing the people you are drawing and it will be nice toj see your town too. I hope you can convince some of the other group to come see what your town is like. When you share some of the drawings of the town with the people drawing group they might decide to give it a try.

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