Drawing Your Life: Mini Lesson #10

All the Drawing Your Life Mini Lessons have now been typed up, expanded, revised, updated and published into an ebook for you!

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Discover Your Life Beautiful…One Drawing At A Time!


Jennifer Edwards

0 thoughts on “Drawing Your Life: Mini Lesson #10

  1. JoAnn says:

    Thankyou so much for the instruction….what captivates me…..great wisdom and be selective…don’t have to capture it all. Thanks again. JoAnn

  2. freebirdsings, Timaree says:

    I need to learn to be selective in life and my art supplies as I’ll be heading back to California for high school graduations, doctor appointments and a bunch of other stuff. I’ll have time between it all to do some art for me and some with my grandkids IF I am selective. Otherwise I’m sure I won’t get anywhere. The idea of being selective sounds like a good art lesson to do with the girls! Thanks for your art wisdom and the translation to life application!

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