Drawing Your Life: Mini Lesson #7

All the Drawing Your Life Mini Lessons have now been typed up, expanded, revised, updated and published into an ebook for you!

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Jennifer Edwards

0 thoughts on “Drawing Your Life: Mini Lesson #7

  1. freebirdsings says:

    Now this type of drawing does not come easily to me. Okay to be honest, I’ve never done it. I have sat with pencil poised … and sat…and went back to drawing the outlines. Laurelines is a great blog and I admire how she draws. It ends up so loose and free which is how yours does too. I’ll have to try this again. I live your life analogies.

  2. Liz Adams says:

    I love gesture, and thank you for introducing the concept to people who perhaps have not heard of it. It’s a great way of freeing up your eye and hand and making much livelier drawings — and paintings, as you demonstrate!

  3. jenpedwards says:

    I’m really glad uou are all enjoying the lessons! It’s great to know they are helpful for those who have been drawing a while and for newer folks to the world of drawing.

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