Drawing Your Life: Mini Lesson #8

All the Drawing Your Life Mini Lessons have now been typed up, expanded, revised, updated and published into an ebook for you!

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Discover Your Life Beautiful…One Drawing At A Time!


Jennifer Edwards

0 thoughts on “Drawing Your Life: Mini Lesson #8

  1. raenassketchbook says:

    Oh wow! Thank you for the link to Elizabeth’s website! Wonderful work and I could use some lessons from her on discipline and productivity!

    And I love Nicolaides. Maybe I should pull out my copy of “the Natural Way to Draw’ for some inspiration this morning!

  2. freebirdsings says:

    This is something I haven’t heard of but it sounds interesting. I’ll be trying it for sure. Sometimes we get stuck in a rut doing things in just one or two familiar ways. Thanks for showing us such a variety. I can see the sculpting in these pictures you’ve used to demonstrate the sculpting with.

    I have done a gesture drawing of one of our palm trees. It was okay but I’m not sure I have the idea down yet so will be trying that again too.

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