It’s of some interest, when life goes on full tilt, to notice what we’re drawn to.  In the  midst of so many epic events of late, I pulled out yarn and needles.  An inexplicable desire to see and feel lovely colors flow through my fingers, to watch them become something, and to hear the click click of bamboo needles.  Lucy, Genevieve’s cat, was very jealous of lap time.  But I didn’t get to sit for very long.  Just a few minutes of knitting was all I needed.  Then stuff it in my purse, dash to the next thing, and when I had a moment to sit, click click again.

Now that things are slowing down a wee bit, I hope to get back to drawing more, keep on knitting and crocheting, and maybe even pet Lucy some.

0 thoughts on “Drawn2Knit

  1. Timaree says:

    It’s the staying in contact with your soul that the knitting helps with. Something simple to relax the mind into a moment of silence and grace helps when everything around you is in flux or highly demanding of you. I agree the feel of the yarn and the sound of the needles (I have both wood and bamboo that I use mainly) eases the tensions away. Stroking a kitty can do it too but sometimes for creative people, you just have to know the creativity hasn’t stopped completely!

    Love the picture you made. Genevieve looks peaceful and calm here and happily so.

  2. Alex Tan says:

    This one kinda reminds me of my wife when she was still into knitting… ah well, she doesn’t stick to a hobby for too long anyway =) Love the colors as always

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