Dress in the Mess

The present state of my youngest’s room is, shall we say…a DISASTER! I don’t know how she can find anything! It is truly a picture out of one of my favorite children’s books from when I was a girl…titled The Big Tidy-UpClick here for a previous post about this book!

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  1. wendy says:

    Oh my goodness, reminds me of my room when I was growing up! I could always find what I wanted when it looked like this, but when I cleaned…I could’t find anything!

    Sometimes, my studio has the same problem…but I think part of that is because so much stuff keeps walking out of it.

    I think my mother would be amazed at how I keep my house. I’m still not a neat freak..but everything is clean..and my bedroom…except for one chair where I have clothes that I wore once, but could wear again…it has pretty much everything in place. (even my closet!)

    So don’t worry too much…as long there isn’t hidden food and such…she’ll probably turn out just fine. (I never kept food in my room…used to have a room mate with that habit..ick!!)

    cute sketch!

    Oh so does the dress have a little grey sweater on it? Grey over purple…or is the dress the pretty floral/polka dot print under that? Perhaps both? I bet she knows!

  2. Timaree says:

    When I stayed at my daughter’s for my last eye appointment out in California, I got my grandson’s room. Everyone warned me not to go in till he got home and cleaned up. It didn’t take him long to do – everything went from the floor to the closet! Then he had the nerve to ask his mom to wash some socks for him as he didn’t have very many. She told him he did, they were just hiding all over his room.

    Lovely painting of the mess!

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