Dropping Down


This moment, right here,

is where i need to be.

Drinking in the lines & curves of the NOW life

which is SO unassuming,

SO simple,

perhaps not even note-worthy.

And yet…in drawing,

i find worth and value

in just BEING.

BEING still,

being focused on here

and not on there.

This dropping-down

of the straw-pen

into the milkshake of my life

is like placing the needle

of the record-player

onto the vinyl disc:

i begin to hear the music…

softly at first…

then stronger as the needle traces the lines

round and round my life


right now,

in THIS moment.


from my daily writing journal. 11.11.2012

0 thoughts on “Dropping Down

  1. Linda says:

    What a beautiful way to document the “specialness” of an ordinary day. Thank you for sharing this; you inspire me to try to document my regular days and find the joy or peace in them. So glad I decided to follow your beautiful blog.
    Linda B.

  2. Mary Walker says:

    I have a memoir journal I’ve been working on just getting down little things like school dance memories and tricycle riding and each time I sit to write how often the feeling to draw gets in the way. I really believe at times that writing clears the way to free drawing expression. The cat has no problem living in the moment that’s for sure.

    • jenpedwards says:

      Yes, Mary…I’ve often thought I would love to live a cat’s life! Except that she doesn’t draw…and I do love to draw. 🙂

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