Eclection Days


I’ve begun toting a big Aquabee sketchbook to the Friday morning drawing session at Eclection here in our town. This sketchbook measures a whopping 14″ x 17″, and the above is the first in this book.  I’ve loved this sketchbook in its 9″x9″ format so I knew I’d love the big size.


(photo courtesy of Amanda:)

Election is the coolest place to draw!! I love it so much as they have such a variety of things to choose from for subject matter and I absolutely adore hanging out with the artists who join me.



Above is a recent drawing of “the wall” at Eclection, which is ever-changing with the holidays and seasons. I’ve drawn it here before.


And this is a recent drawing of a Valentine’s display under the front window. SO MUCH FUN!!! Chris and Amanda (the owner of Eclection and her amazing assistant) have asked us to offer some cards of our drawings of Eclection to sell in the shop. AND…sometime in April they are going to host a gallery opening for us! We are so excited about this! If you live anywhere near Kernersville, NC you should drop by and see all of our card selections! And while you’re at it, you just have to browse all the artisan’s booths…such creative and fun stuff, perfect for your home or for gifts.

Then come by on Friday mornings from 10-noon to draw with us! You’re guaranteed a good time and plenty of great stuff to draw!

0 thoughts on “Eclection Days

  1. createarteveryday says:

    Your work has such life and vibrancy. And there’s a joy about it, too. I really enjoy it. It’s a shame I have to get back to work. I would happily scroll for as long as your blog allows me to. Maybe over the weekend, I can delve in some more. Glad to have found you here on WP. Happy Friday. 🙂

  2. Sherie Holden says:

    I would love to come to Eclection and attempt to sketch, paint, draw with you
    Ladies on Fridays. I have admired your work for a long time and have even purchased a pattern from you (crocheted shawlette, Cedar Grove) and won third place ribbon in the Stokes County Fair with it. I have been to Eclection and it really is a fun shop! Maybe one Friday I will make it there, sooner rather than later! Thanks, Sherie

    • jenpedwards says:

      Please do come draw with me!! We would all love that! We should be there drawing through March at least and when the weather improves we then draw at our local Gardens and over downtown favorite spots! I’d LOVE to meet you! Congrats to you on the ribbon at the Fair for the Cherry Grove Shawlette! Woo! Hoo! -Jennifer

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