Elf on the Shelf

Last year, about a week after Maddie returned home from Brenner’s, our dear next-door neighbor gave her an Elf on the Shelf.  If you’ve never heard of these little guys, click here, to discover the world of the Elves who visit in children’s homes for the duration of the holidays.  He came with a book telling us all about himself.  Maddie named him Lucky.  Every night he would go to sleep with her, but each morning be found in a different place in the house.  He left after the Christmas holidays (Maddie was very sad about that!); but Maddie did not forget him at all during the year.  Every month she would ask us what we thought Lucky was up to.  Of course, we told her, he was busy making toys for the next year’s Christmas, and he probably couldn’t wait to return to see her.

Well, sure enough, he showed up a few days BEFORE December 1st, the date she figured he would arrive again.  He gets carted around everywhere with her (even though the book says he should not be touched…he’ll lose his magic!)  but doesn’t seem to be losing any of his magic.  I think these little elves are actually to keep an eye on the kid’s behavior, making sure they are nice and not naughty.  It’s great fun all around!

Here’s Lucky, as he was found a few morning’s ago, sitting in the sash of one of Maddie’s dresses hanging on the front of her closet door.  The only drawback to this guy being in our house, is the worry that we might, one night, forget to move him to a new spot!  But if that’s all we, as her parents, are worried about this Christmas (as opposed to last year), I’ll take it!

Maybe you know a young’un who would benefit from an Elf friend visiting for the holidays:)

0 thoughts on “Elf on the Shelf

  1. Timaree (freebird) says:

    If you do forget to move him just say he must be trickier than you thought to fool you into thinking he ALWAYS changes his place. Nice painting and I’m glad she’s had him to take her mind off her troubles.

  2. donna noble says:

    An elf appeared at my 3 yr old niece’s house right after I read this post. She is suspicious to the point of paranoia. Sounds like a guilty conscious to me, lol. I love your painting of him.

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