Ending & Beginning


Whew! Finishing these Yoga Socks for my oldest daughter feels great! So glad to NOT be working with greys and heathers.  Even the stitch pattern was a bit tedious at times for me. But she loves them. Happy feet and a smile make the work all worth while!

But then, a friend asks: Make me some! And this launched a process in my brain which has not let loose of me! Knowing that I could not in a million years make this pair of yoga socks again, (even though she gave me full rights to choose the brightest and best colors!), I asked myself the following question:

If I were to design a pair of yoga socks that I actually enjoyed knitting AND enjoyed wearing, how would I do it?


The answer will be forthcoming as I work it out on paper and on needles.  Yes, it does start with a drawing! Then some perusal of my stash of yarn. Then some swatching and switching.  I’ll show you the process as well as offer the pattern on Etsy for you to make a pair. I think they will be oh-so-much quicker to knit and funner too!

*You may be wondering…um Jen? Brown? Really, again? Well, I have my reasons for this…chiefly being that THIS brown is not dull, but rather chocolatey and rich (remember Brown Sweater? It is currently in the embellishing part of the process, and I’ll show you that soon too!)  This is actually leftover from that lot of yarn.  And then comes the embellishing….oooh yes!

I hope you all are happily knitting or crocheting something these days!

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